Apparently I'm just "The Most"

With a snarky attitude and a sharp tongue, some might consider me "the most" fun South Dakota Republican Blogger. Some might consider me "the most" annoying SD Republican Blogger. And others have complimented me as being "the most" informative on such issues as the legislative and local races.

With six kids, it's probably undisputed that I'm "the most" prolific South Dakota Blogger. Somehow I don't think that one isn't up for challenge. And I've also been described as having "the most" grammatical and spelling errors. (But I keep trying)

Today, I'm informed there's a new honor for me. One of the readers was nice enough to point out that someone else thinks I'm "the most" - none other than Bonnie Russell of the South Dakota Judicial Accountability movement.

Check it out from Amendment Execrable... Amendment E for short:
Welcome to South Dakota's Amendment E.

This website was created to educate the public and the media.

There are a couple of bloggers vehemently opposed to Amendment E; but as is obvious to South Dakotans, neither discuss the actual issue. Both are content to rail negatively about any number of issues and candidates; but that's to be expected. By his own admission the most critical blogger (my emphasis - pp) boasts his blog contains, "...a bunch of rambling."

While we're happy the gentleman has a hobby, astute readers can find the truth about Amendment E here.
...A bunch of rambling. Hey! that's what's at the top of my website. So that must be me! Woo Woo! You can read this recognition of distinction here.

Why does this matter to me? Well, it really doesn't, but it gave me a good laugh this morning. As I mentioned earlier, if the people behind this amendment are worried about the criticism heaped on them by South Dakota bloggers such as myself and Tim over at Progressive on the Prairie they have much bigger problems.

First off, I can't speak for Tim, but all it does is egg me on. It tells me that my needling is getting to them.

It's the kind of thing I watch for in a political campaign. If I see something "gets to" an opposing candidate, I know I've got an issue to get them off balance and I turn up the heat. Smart candidates don't let the opposition see them perspire. And it's apparent that the Amendment E people keep having to go home and change because they've got a flop sweat thing going.

And as far as blogging goes, if they are focusing their South Dakota efforts on the internet, they might as well pack it up and go home to California. South Dakota campaigns are not won and lost on the internet. In a few talks I've given on blogging, I consider them to be no more than glorified letters to the editor. South Dakota campaigns are won through traditional means such as door to door, paid media, earned media, etc. Not by bloggers saying "Vote for Republicans" (although feel free if you are so inclined.)

In summation, In recognition of this honor, I would like to thank the academy...

Sorry, I was mistaking this honor with another one that also comes out of California.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Just like you can't win a war with air power alone you can't manage a winning election from 1200 miles away. It takes "boots on the ground".

Bonnie hasn't learned this yet. If she is like most wackos it will not take much to push her off the deep end. Just keep up the steady gentle pressure and get ready for something really interesting.

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