DANG that's nice. Except for that one thing.

Without a doubt, this is the nicest state legislative newspaper campaign ad I've seen to date this election. And it's likely going to remain the best one. Full color, big and bold - it's just how I like them.

Except it has a slight problem.

I went to look at that website, and there was nothing there. It's not a big deal. It happens. So I went to Network Solutions and did a whois search to see who is doing the site for him. But Network Solutions wasn't showing www.AlvineForSenate.com as having been registered.

That's a problem.

If I had decided to purchase the website being advertised, all I would need is my credit card, and I'm good to go. THE SITE WOULD BE MINE. That would really stink if it was your opponent purchasing it.

It's entirely possible that it's already registered under another service, purchased and good to go.

Maybe. Or maybe not.

If a person is running for office, and they are advertising a website at a specific web address, it might be a good idea to have it up and running first. Before they give someone the opportunity to snatch it up. As of 8pm this evening, it looks like it's possible that this website is up for grabs. It would be a pity if the nicest ad placed so far this year ends up benefitting someone else.


mhs said…
P, what's your thoughts on including or not including your party affiliation on ads? I see Frank doesn't.
PP said…
It's not like it's a big secret at the ballot box. I think it's more of a personal preference.

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