$3 per Signature? 3 Initiated Measures. Who Could it be?

Is this for currently circulated measures, or are these new ones we can expect on the Ballot? (From today's Rapid City Journal Classifieds) Enquiring minds want to know.


Nicholas Nemec said…
You could always call Larry at the number listed and ask him. For the price of a phone call you could keep your loyal readers informed.

Did you find this yourself, or was it a tip someone else pointed your way? I'll give you credit PP you really do eat and breath this stuff. I usually just throw the classifieds away.

There is a slogan in there someplace "SDWC we'll go to any lengths to find the hot SD political news for our readers." What wouldn't you do? Where do you draw the line? Would you look in a box? Would you look under a fox? Would you look for them Mr. PP? Would you take a cross state car ride with Frank Kloucek? I bet you could sweet talk some interesting stories out of him.

Thanks again for giving us political junkies another fix. Now here's a tip for you. I talked to alot of insiders on the abortion issue this past weekend at the McGovern Day event. I got the feeling no decision had yet been made on whether or not to refer the ban to a vote.
Anonymous said…
PP: Here are the three you are looking for. Repeal Video Lottery, Save our Summers. (SOS) school starting date and State Airplane Use.(South Dakota Taxpayers for Accountability.) Hopefully this will help you.
Nonnie said…
Well, guess I won't consider taking petitions around for a second job since I'm against all three. And I could have made a fortune too!

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