We're not Jail-4-Judges anymore.. We're Happy people from South Dakota.. (nothing more here, now move along...)

In the few hours since I blogged on the whole South Dakota Judicial Accountability thing last, there's been more than just a bit going on. I had an e-mail from Bonnie Russell from California who tried to tell me waaaay more than I ever wanted to know about her. And I had a nice e-mail from Tim at Progressive on the Prairie.

First, in the interest of fairness, let's give Bonnie from California her little bit of say:
Dear Red, (for my e-mail red_touch@yahoo.com -pp)

I'm a little curious as to why bloggers spend so much time writing about people they don't bother attempting to contact. (I dropped about a dozen articles that are too long to reproduce here -pp)

fyi, I was raised in the Air Force and grew up living all over our country. It's how I learned about the state-to-state prejudice your blog appears to support. After all, although the tea party began in Boston, the rest of the country benefited. South Dakotans have the opportunity to lead the entire nation. What's more, they're brave enough to step up.

I'm sorry you're anti-Californian but I don't fault you for it as are any number of Californians.

In fact, the dynamics of California are such, most Californians think the state ought to be split in half.

For instance: San Franciscans don't consider Southern California to be a part of the State. They are jealous of LA, mainly because LA gets sexier press.

Angelinos on the other hand, don't spend any time thinking about those in Northern California, at all. They can't I'm told, because they're incapable of thinking beyond themselves. My personal experience with the LA area is limited to Disneyland, and the former Orange County attorney who kept ripping people off on the Internet and who sued me a bunch of times (while threatening my life), while I was keeping the pressure on the DA to prosecute. He told one judge I cost him $100,000.00 in business, which I didn't believe was true, butt found out otherwise, when I took the train up tou attended his setencing. He was sentenced to Fourteen years in jail, and I'm still hearing from his victims in Riverside County, (also Southern California).

However I have noticed most everyone considers one part of the state is stealing water from the more deserving residents who of course, live in the another part of the State.

And San Diego isn't really considered Southern California at all, because no one south of LA thinks about San Diego, Including San Diegeans. (Downtown San Diego sports freeway signs listing the distance to LA).

So San Diego flys completely under the radar, which is why when San Diegans get around to examining their judges, they wind up going to prison. In Pairs.

For example; a couple years ago I discovered a couple of fake attorneys and fake therapists practicing in family court, and as a responsible member of the community, alerted the court.

Turns out what I discovered Next was no one seemed to mind. Following up, I wrote to my congressional representative.

That would be Randy Duke Cunningham.

Sadly, it appears ole Randy was too busy counting his bribe money to return my calls.

Last week Mr. Cunningham was sentenced to eight years.

Most sincerely,

Bonnie Russell
We only work with the best. It's simpler that way.
Am I anti-Californian? Not really. I have an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin who live there, and they're nice people. My Uncle teaches plastic surgery nowadays, and my cousin had been involved in the film industry (he was an associate producer in the Fast and the Furious, and xXx). Do I have a state-to-state prejudice? At least I didn't think so. Some of my favorite siblings live in other states.

What I am is "Anti-Californians telling South Dakotans how to run our lives." If this measure is so peachy-keen for all the Californians involved in it, why don't they just pass it in California first, and show us how well it works for them.

What? What is it? They can't get it passed there? Hmmmm.... So why did they come to South Dakota and "try to sell us that monorail." Maybe, just maybe, if most of California didn't want it themselves, it could possibly be a bad idea.

Now, on to Progressive on the Prairie's note...

It sounds like both Tim and I got a great chuckle out of Bonnie at the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Movement thinking we were one and the same. (No. Tim is not me trying to get in touch with my Democratic side, and I think Tim thought the same.) But I have to point out his excellent, excellent post taking another viewpoint of the saga of J.A.I.L.'s identity crisis:
Interestingly, the new site does not appear to ever use the term "J.A.I.L." and that word (and a link to the national J.A.I.L. organization) have been expunged from the old J.A.I.L. website. In fact, the version of the initiated measure on the new website does not contain the "Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.)" that appears in the one on file with the Secretary of State (PDF file). Likewise, it deletes from the preamble that the amendment "shall be known as The J.A.I.L. Amendment."

Evidently to further distance itself from the national J.A.I.L. organization, the new website assures us that "Amendment E is South Dakota all the way" and that we are not visiting a California-based website. Instead, "[t]he site was registered and is hosted out of New Orleans." Quite the method of saying "South Dakota all the way."
Go read the whole thing here.

I think we all can thank the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Act and Bill Stegmeier, South Dakota's two-star Jailer-in-Chief for something. In this time of hot tempers over abortion, public television, and the upcoming gubernatorial elections, they've managed to bring both political parties together for a common cause.

They've brought us together to kick the Californians out of South Dakota's business, and to let us get back to determining our own destiny.

And just to review the new website at http://www.amendmente.com From the website:
1. What is Amendment E?

The “E” is for equality. The concept behind Equality is simply, accountability.
HA! Now, THAT'S a unique view of things. Aside from it being the letter assigned by the Secretary of State's Office, I was thinking it stood for something else.

I was thinking "Extraterritorial Effort Exciting Endemic South Dakotans."

That's enough. Time to go to bed.


Anonymous said…
OK, let's call a truce, no more JAIL stuff on here,PLEASE?
Anonymous said…
Bonnie needs to hit the spell check button prior to the send button next time she sends out e-mail. A letter full of misspellings doesn't look good especially coming from the state spokesperson.

PP, please keep us informed on this amendment. These kooks are trying to foist this piece of crap off on us and alot of people resent it. Don't let them fly under the radar until election. Anytime you find some more background on these people let us know.
Anonymous said…
Nicholas Nemec said...
Bonnie needs to hit the spell check button

You are joking, right?

J.A.I.L. doesn't do spelling. That is part of the NWO conspiracy.

Don't believe me? Read the first (and I mean the first) two lines of the letter they sent to all the legislators.


South Dakota Judicial Accountability Committee
Bill Stegmeier, Treasure
(emphasis mine).

That's right. They cannot even spell the word TREASURER correctly. Either that, or they are declaring Bill Stegmeier a "Treasure".

Either way, looks creepy.
PP said…
If Bill is the two-star "treasure" who is the chairman?
Anonymous said…
Good question.

Who is the official committee? At one point it was Stegmeier, Branson and Zerman I think.

When will they file the financial and other disclosures?

My guess: half past never.

Why not give Bonnie a call or send her an email for us, huh PP? Sure she'd love to chat you up about this.


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