Would you say "We're getting a Plethora of Candidates?"

I got a report last night of another candidate emerging. One SDWC reader noted that Eldon Nygaard will run as a Democrat in the Clay/Turner house district (thanks, D).

And after the report of Lust in Celeste Calvitto's column yesterday, the Rapid City Journal has the official announcement of David Lust running in the newspaper today:
David Lust, a Rapid City lawyer, has announced that he is a Republican candidate for state House of Representatives in District 34. District 34 encompasses most of the west side of Rapid City. "I am excited about the opportunity to tackle some of the issues about which I am passionate, such as economic development and education. I bring a new perspective with fresh ideas on these and other issues," Lust said in a written news release.

"Working with a wide variety of businesses and individuals on a daily basis keeps me connected to issues and concerns that everyday citizens care about," Lust said. "The importance of economic development and education to South Dakota cannot be overstated. These issues have been put on the back burner lately in Pierre and need to be returned to the forefront where they belong. I will work hard to make sure that happens."

Economic development is among the most important issues, Lust said.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Sí, El Guapo. You have a plethora.
Anonymous said…
Eldon Nygaard is a super guy and a lot of republicans like him too. Fantastic teacher also.
Nicholas Nemec said…
What is the is the correct term for a large number of candidates?

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