BREAKING NEWS - You heard it here first!! Father/Son Team running in District 3

This hasn't hit the news yet, but the petitions are in and on the Secreary of State's website, so I consider it fair game.

In District 3, State Representative Al Novstrup has filed petitions to run for the State House once again. But what makes this interesting is that his son, David Novstrup, has also filed to run for a House seat in District 3. Representative Frost has decided to forgo another run for the legislature, leaving the seat wide open. And being interested in politics himself, I'm told David has decided to make a bid for the office.

I did a little research on this, and it's the only instance I can find of a father-son election team running for 2 legislative seats in the same legislative district. It has happened where they were from different districts, as close by as in Iowa, but both in the same district is very rare, indeed.

Congratulation to David and welcome to the election game from the SDWC. And good luck to both he and his father Al in the upcoming election.

(If you guys have releases, send them to me. I'd love to print them)


Anonymous said…
Best wishes to them both! If David is anything like his father, he will be an excellent legislator.
Anonymous said…
He is exactly like his father. This is not a compliment. The last thing the legislature needs is another Novstrup.
Nicholas Nemec said…
As long as you are doing research how many states other than South Dakota have at-large legislative districts?
Anonymous said…
That is great news for Aberdeen. David's dad Al represents his district of Aberdeen while living in Sioux Falls (hardly in touch with his voters). David represents his district by living at a go-kart track. Without trying to sound funny, this is not far from the truth. David a recent college graduate has no political experience except a brief internship making copies for his dad in Pierre. He will tell you with pride the massive amount of time he has spent at this track. From frequent customers to past employees, they know David is far from ready to step into the political arena. Many would question him stepping into management at the mini golf. This is a molar to the Aberdeen voters. Our representatives rely on experience. I think it is safe to say David has not even experienced paying his own taxes. I tend to disagree with Al's sense of politics, but he should have the sense to tell his son you are not ready, after he has the same name. This is not cute, this is not history, and this is serious. Know whom you are voting for.

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