Okay. Now Knock it off!
Yet ANOTHER ballot issue is circulating

You know, this is really getting ridiculous. Another measure has been filed with the Secretary of State's office. Since they couldn't get it done in the legislature, the cellular telephone are doing it at the ballot box.

The Initiated Measure to repeal the four percent (4%) gross receipts tax imposed by South Dakota Codified Law Chapter 10-33A upon wireless telecommunication services. View full text of petition. (pdf warning.) has been filed with the Secretary of State as circulating.

Maybe I shouldn't have considered it a joke a while back when I asked the question "What comes after Initiated measure Z."


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Let's just make all our decisions by a vote of the people! Yeah, that's it.. that's the ticket! The average voter is certainly smart enough.
We can save space at the capitol building and the money we pay legislators!

Happy Trails!
Anonymous said…
Looks as if the legislators have not been doing their work. We have to remember it is an election year. That is why we are going to have pages and pages to vote on. The people will speak!
Anonymous said…
I even support a couple of them, but it might be easier to just encourage people to vote no on everything.
Anonymous said…
Vote yes on D !!!,,,lol

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