That's one way to win friends and supporters.

In today's Argus Leader, Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate and former State Legislator Mitch Richter took a couple of roundhouse swings at the mayoral candidate field to try to connect to something:
Richter was blunt in his assessment of other candidates in the race, saying they wouldn't do as good a job managing the city's $265 million budget.

"Do you want a former television reporter in charge of the city budget? Do you want the retired Augustana president to be in charge of a budget that size?" he said, referring to candidates Vernon Brown, a former television reporter, and Bruce Halverson, who is retiring as president of Augustana College this summer.

Both Brown and Halverson dismissed Richter.

"It doesn't deserve a response," Halverson said.

Brown said he was too busy campaigning on his platform to worry about other candidates.

"I'm not out here to talk about other candidates," he said. "I'm out here to talk about my vision for Sioux Falls."
Read it all here and stand back. I'm not quite sure how this is going to earn him votes. People vote more for their hopes than their fears. But at the least, watching Mitch trying to bait his fellow candidates is interesting street theater.


Bob Newland said…
Ah, the hapless Mitch Richter. I saw him get teary-eyed (literally) at a Janklow state-of-the-state speech. He then hugged Janklow, who squirmed like a three-year-old in the arms of Uncle Pervo.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I don't want a former KELO reporter, or a former college president in charge of the city budget.
Anonymous said…
I think he makes a good point and with 11 people in the race you have to somehow seperate yourselves from the rest of the pack. 3 weeks until the election I would think now is the time to start making noise since we now know who the candidates are.
Anonymous said…
Mitch is the most arrogant and egotistical person I ever met from the legislature. He also quit the Senate before his first year even started because they wouldn't make him Appropriations chair. He is a like a big spoiled baby.
mhs said…
So, running an institution with hundreds of employees, a multi-million dollar budget, thousands of customers (students, parent, alumni), infrastructure projects, multitudes of federal and state government regulations to abide by, etc. is less valuable experience than running a Dairy Queen?

It was legitimate shot at Brown, but, probably should'a thought a little before painting Halvorsen wih the same brush.

Halvorsen, likewise, missed an opportunity by not responding. He could have used a very civil response to trumpet his experience and put distance between himself and the rest of the field.

Anon #3 is right: making noise is real tough in this race. Halvorsen missed a good chance to make some in his favor.

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