On the road today - analysis to come.

I'm going to be getting on the road back to Pierre this afternoon, and I have a bunch of stuff on my agenda once I return.

What's on my plate? I've got e-mails to reply to for a few state legislators dating back to last weekend (sorry guys, I've been scrambling all week) and a campaign brochure I want to get designed tonight. On top of that, another friend wants me to come up with a top ten list of hints for a school board candidate in Wisconsin. (What the hell do I know about Wisconsin? #10 Put a wedge of cheese in your logo).

Until I get out of town, I'm not going to do anymore blogging today, because I want to use it on some quality time with the family.

One of the things I do want to write on when I get back before it's stale is Dave Kranz's column in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader today on the Greenfield/Holbeck Race. I read it with quite a bit of interest because I broke that story (Sorry Theron, I think I beat you by about an hour or so). back on March 8th

Go Read Dave's column on the race - and come back here later tonight or tomorrow for my commentary. Because since he entered the race, there's been major puffery in the air on Holbeck's part. And tonight, I'm going to poke a big hole in that carnival balloon.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Supt Holbeck is not really from District 6 like Greenfield.

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