Jarrod Johnson Addresses Hughes Co. GOP

I decided to be a good Republican today (as opposed to throwing those I disagree with under the bus) and I took in the monthly Hughes County Republican Luncheon. Lots of officials there today, including PUC Commissioners Bob Sahr and Dusty Johnson. Secretary of State Chris Nelson was there, as well as State Representative Tim Rounds.

Interestingly enough, Tim Rounds mentioned that he had heard that Kathy Lucas supposedly changed her mind and is not going to run in a primary against he and Ryan Olson now. I'll check the magic 8 ball and see if that still holds true in another couple of weeks.

The Luncheon's speaker today was Commissioner of School and Lands hopeful Jarrod Johnson, who gave a talk on his background, and why he should be commissioner. Among other things, Jarrod mentioned that he wants to take the lessons he's learned in business and apply them to the Office of School and Lands.

I'd encourage you to check out Jarrod's website at http://www.jarrodjohnson.com where you can learn more about Jarrod, donate to this worthy Republican via pay pal, and see a picture of him in a cowboy hat.


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