Jail goes from one out-of-stater to another

If you've been paying attention to the JAIL movement, you may have noticed that their spokesperson has changed from California attorney Mr. Zerman to a person by the name of Bonnie Russell.

Bonnie had commented on behalf of the South Dakota Judicial Accountability movement in the comment section of the Slate article as many in the SD blogosphere had noticed over the past day or so. That wasn't a name I was familiar with, so I did a little snooping, trying to look up somebody by that name in South Dakota. And I really wasn't coming up with anything. But then I looked on the soon to be dormant http://www.southdakotajudicialaccountability.com website.


On the front page of that website is the same information disavowing itself from Mr. Branson, but the difference between the Slate article comment was that it provided a phone number and a web address:
Bonnie Russell
Doing a google search as here brings up quite a bit of information about Bonnie Russell. Some very flattering. Some not so flattering.

She's described as everything from a saint to a sinner. As she puts it in one article (forgive me if I slightly misquote this) "I'm praised in Northern California but jailed in Southern California." She was on TV as the blind date of family patriarch, Chuck Wissmiller, on "Family Plots" A&E's show about a dysfunctional California family in the mortuary business. She's a columnist on postchronicle.com. She's quoted on blogs and in the media as someone who has found success as a self-made businesswoman.

Currently, Bonnie is currently billed as a "legal publicist." But the thing I noticed most of all? She's working out of California.

If you want to schedule an interview with Bill Stegmeier on the South Dakota J.A.I.L. Initiative, you have to call a legal publicist in California. The South Dakota movement currently disavowing itself of it's Five-Star Jailer-in-Chief from California is doing so through a publicist herself from California. Forgive me if I'm a bit cynical. They cast off one California spokesperson for another? This seems like smoke and mirrors to this South Dakotan.

The pro-choice forces were literally up in arms when a Wisconsin group decided to file a ballot initiative referring HB1215 to a vote of the South Dakota people, forcing them to back the heck out of South Dakota's business rather sheepishly.

And then we have J.A.I.L. This measure originated in California. It was authored by a Californian. It's former spokesperson was an attorney in California. It's new media person is in California. And they used an out-of-state company to get South Dakotans to sign the petitions placing it on the ballot. The only thing connecting it with South Dakota is that they talked South Dakota resident Bill Stegmeier into being their South Dakota Two-Star Jailer-in-Chief.

It's about time people started realizing that this measure has very little to do with South Dakota. It's about Californians with odd ideas about government. It's about people from outside of our state who consider us little more than a backwater area to use as an odd governmental experiment.

Don't like a County Commission decision? J.A.I.L. jury it. School Board kick your kid out of School? J.A.I.L. jury it. Did the State Cosmetology Commission fine you for keeping your wax too hot? J.A.I.L. jury it. And that's just the start of it.

And you know at this point, with all these people from out of state involved, I really think they should just mind their own beeswax and go home. And since he likes hanging out with Californians so darn much, I can't say I'd be terribly bothered if Bill Stegmeier packed his bags and went with them. Because it sure seems to me that he prefers "the California way."

But that's not South Dakota. We're a tempermental independent type. We care for our neighbors, and we care for our own. And we're big people. We know how to take care of ourselves. The South Dakota way may not be perfect. But it's ours. And I would prefer it remain ours.

In South Dakota, we don't much like government poking it's nose into people's business. And we like Californians doing so even less.


Bonnie said…
Bonnie Russell here and thanks. I appreciate learning early on that not only is this blog integrity free, but More so that the Bliegger appears to have a strong interest in outright deceit.

First the Bliegger, (a blogger who lies), wrote:

"As she puts it in one article"

Nope. The deceit began right there.

Then he took it one step beyond and created a completely egocentric quote about me, supposedly by me...but not before adding his none too subtle "cover"

"(forgive me if I slightly misquote this)"

Huh? How exactly does one "misquote" a cut and paste?)

And then lies Outright.

How dumb does Bliegger boy believe readers are?

The correct quote?

"I work with the police in Northern California and get arrested by them in Southern California."

(Generally, the further south in California one travels, the less law one finds).

However, I appreciate knowing early on, this appears to be a minor Bliegger site. (It would be a halfway decent Bliegger site if the deceit hadn't bee so poorly executed.)

But thanks. Because I do love saving time, I appreciate the early heads up, that sites like this: Anonymous, integrity-free,

Gotta go. Surf's up.
PP said…
I have a new theme for my blog.

PP at SDWC. Now getting thrown under the bus in South Dakota AND California.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Turn on the kitchen lights and all the cockroaches go scurrying under the cupboard, you can't see them anymore but they are still there. Looks like some extermination is in order come election day.

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