Somebody's kidding, right?

Check out this comment left under one of my very recent posts:
"let's call a truce, no more JAIL stuff on here, PLEASE?"
Somebody is kidding, right? Because this has to be a joke. Does someone seriously think a few comments a month on a snarky weblog like mine is going to derail this constitutional initiative driven by the will of the people? If someone believes this, then that measure has bigger problems than I could ever muster up.

And they really must be kidding if they think I'm going to back off or "call a truce." "Call a truce?" If anything, there's times I wish I could really let the fur fly. But I try to have at least a little common sense. There are many times I sleep on a post and decide not to put it out there because it might be taken as mean and malicious, as opposed to making the art of politics in South Dakota better.

That's what this blog is all about. The personalities, the issues, the mechanics, the candidates, their advertising and everything that drives the South Dakota political scene. Ballot measures, and more ballot measures, with a few more ballot measures thrown in are part of what we'll be voting on this year, along with candidates. And heaven forbid, they might get mentioned here from time to time.

I write these blogposts up, (poorly according to some,) and people read them. If they do, great! If they don't, I'm not going to stop writing. This blog is as much an exercise in improving MY game as it is in making South Dakota politics just a little better.

Speaking of readers, as of last night I hit 6000 visitors so far this month (that's visitors, not hits). Even though my writing is bad, people beat the heck out of me for being a Republican, and I'm accused of bliegging (which is a new term I hadn't heard before) there must be a few people out there who agree with me.

Am I "a minor Bliegger site"? Maybe. Am I going to change one thing I do? Not in a million years.


Anonymous said…
A few a month? You did three in one day! Just give your faithful readers a break, not JAIL-a-break.

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