Looks like Wiese might be in as well

As SD Watch is reporting this morning, Dennis Wiese also has petitions out to run for Governor as a Democrat.

Go check it out here.


Anonymous said…
I certainly hope Dennis is in, he is the only chance for Democrats this year. Dennis is a natural leader, and would provide a badly needed vision for South Dakota's future. Dennis is the man.
Anonymous said…
Where can I get a petition to circulate?
Anonymous said…
I think we will have the first democrat governor in over 25 years. It is too bad Rounds is so inept.
Jason said…
Dennis Wiese would be a strong candidate against Governor Rounds. He has spent the last 12 fighting for rural America to improve the economic conditions farmers and Main Street business face today. Dennis's work to develop and expand the ethanol industry for farmers and businessmen would help him run strong on along the I-29 corridor and James River Valley where as there is a strong agricultural community who Rounds has done very little to help. Dennis Wiese has the economic leadership this state needs to move forward!!!!!!

Where can I find a petition to circulate?!?!
mhs said…
I called by a pollster last night. Very professionally done, very narrow questions, very specific. It hit several major issues but seemed to focus more on approval of current officials and name recognition of potential Dem candidates against Rounds, Weise included.

I liked the fact that there were several questions at different places during the interview that would gauge how likely a voter your were. Couldn't tell if it was a Dem or Rep. poll, but, clearly somebody with some money to spend. Certainly not some B.S. push-poll the issue groups like to run.

Think it was Rounds or Billion anybody?
Anonymous said…
Isn't this a hardcore election blog where people discuss the process of elections?

Gov. Rounds has 70% approval among SD residents and he's an incumbent.

He will cremate whatever poor sucker the Dem's convince to be the sacrificial lamb this year.

Hopefully, whoever it is will get some sort of back door concession from the D leadership to compensate for the bludgeoning they'll take.

Happy Trails!
Anonymous said…
sacrificial lamb?

Really really, what were George Bush I's poll numbers before Clinton became president.

A real leader with real vision like Wiese will beat Rounds. Rounds is a guy who has never been tested and has not accomplished much for South Dakota
Noah said…
"Rounds is a guy who has never been tested and has not accomplished much for South Dakota "

Agree 100%
Nicholas Nemec said…
My guess on who is doing the name ID poll would be Mike Rounds. By all accounts he has 1.5 million to spend so cost is no object for him.

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