I'm about ready to vote to barricade the borders.

Now the corn flakes at PETA are poking their nose into South Dakota's business too. From the PETA website:
Hoping that he’ll practice what he preaches in a broader context, PETA has sent a letter to South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds urging him to extend his compassion to animals by going vegetarian. Rounds established a national pro-life reputation after signing legislature to ban almost all abortions in South Dakota, challenging the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 decision to legalize abortion. PETA wants the governor to embrace a diet that shows a deep respect for all life by making the decision to stop eating eggs, the unborn offspring or deliberately unfertilized ova of hens; the flesh of veal calves, who are taken from their loving mothers shortly after birth; or other young animals who are slaughtered before they reach maturity.


The Honorable Mike Rounds
Governor of South Dakota

Dear Governor Rounds:

On behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and our more than 1 million members and supporters, I am writing to respectfully ask that, as an extension of your strong pro-life stance on abortion, you consider adopting and advocating a pro-life (i.e., vegetarian) diet. By making this change and urging other South Dakotans to follow your lead, you would become a role model for ethical living and have a positive impact on both the pro-life and pro-animal causes.


If you agree to give vegetarian living a try, we’ll gladly cater food for you and your family for the first two weeks to make it as easy for you as possible! As you may know, Pierre has a selection of restaurants that serve delicious vegetarian fare, including LaMinestra, St. Charles Restaurant and Lounge, Classy’s, Wonderful House, Smokee’s BBQ, and Gator’s Pizza, Pasta, and Subs. Or if you’re more of a fast-food guy, Burger King offers an excellent veggie burger and Subway serves a tasty vegetarian sandwich.
Read all of the craziness here. (What?? They don't want to serve any vegetarian meals out of the Cattlemen's Club?)

Sorry, PETAns. South Dakota is a meat ridin', meat shootin', meat eating, fur wearing state. And that's describing our mothers.


Nicholas Nemec said…
When you start shaking the wacky tree all sorts of things fall to the ground.
Anonymous said…
It's not South Dakota Certified Tofu- It's South Dakota Certified BEEF. That is not a by-product of anything.
Will said…
Lettuce is alive too.

Is there a PETV (People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables)?
Anonymous said…
Why barricade, you'll keep the idiots that are already here,in.

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