Check out this Flash Animated web ad that the ACLU is using to promote their efforts to "Defang the matrix." It's pretty good.


Anonymous said…
That's funny. You need to watch it several times to catch all the stuff on the pizza place computer screen. Might be closer than we realize.
Anonymous said…
The ad is not pretty good.
It's brilliant.

And I hope your kid is feeling better.
Anonymous said…
I don't get it .It's stupid. What's "defang the matrix " mean?
PP said…
anon, I believe it's an attempt to show people what too much information is being centrally gathered on them. and that at some point it's going to be used to penalize them for exercising their free will.

Surcharge on a pizza because you're overweight? Well, ever see a surcharge on an insurance policy because you smoke? Sane thing.

And bonnie, thank you for your kind words. My daughter is fine.

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