Which office is Burg running for and where does he live?

I think many people have noticed that former PUC Commissioner Jim Burg is running for Mayor of Wessington Springs. After getting beaten by Dusty Johnson in his last race, It seems that Jim wants to stay involved. But recently, it looks like he's seeking a lot of involvement.

Yesterday, in addition to being in the last days of his race for mayor of Wessington Springs, I'm told that Jim submitted petitions to also run for a position on the Heartland Consumers Power District.

The person who pointed this out to me noted that supposedly Jim must live in town to be mayor (which is logical) but apparently there is also a requirement to live outside of Wessington Springs to be on the Heartland board.

But in a wilder twist than that, I'm told Jim's petitions which had appeared on the Secretary of State's candidate website were challenged. This brought out the fact that he had fewer legitimate signatures than required, getting him booted from the Heartland CPD position on the ballot.

Never a dull moment in politics.

(And good luck to Jim in his mayoral race)


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