Campaign Office Space.

(But that's my red stapler...)

I notice that Governor Rounds has opened up his Pierre Campaign office in the professional building across the highway from Capital Motors in Pierre. Oddly enough, it's not the first campaign that's been there.

Several years back, one section of the building was the home of the Ron Schmidt for U.S. Senate Campaign. And in 2002, part of it also served as the Bob Sahr for PUC and Larry Long for Attorney General offices.


Anonymous said…
Bob Sahr's pre-general campaign finance report says he paid $660. in rent, $0 in the year end.

Neither Long's pre-general nor his year end show he paid anything in rent.

I don't see an entry suggesting Sahr made an in-kind to Long for rent.

What's the deal here?
Todd Epp said…
Rounds in Schmidt's old digs?
Bad karma, dude.

Todd Epp
Karmaic Concerns Editor
S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…
I bet Bob Sahr and Larry Long cleansed the aura of the office...
Anonymous said…
Does Bob's mom own the building?
Anonymous said…
Anonymous #1: Sahr sublet from Long, so Sahr's report is correct.

Anonymous #3: No.

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