Getting down to the wire...

Tomorrow is the big day on petitions. And for you stragglers who are going to mail them in, don't forget - it's REGISTERED MAIL - NOT CERTIFIED. Registered mail has the time and date. Certified does not.

Lots of stuff coming. I had a scoop on a surprise judicial candidate coming in, but I was asked to hold off until tomorrow so he could make the proper notifications. (Dammit.) I may still scoop everyone, we'll just have to see.

Otherwise what's coming in for petitions...

Libertarian Tom Gerber, Governor Mike Rounds, and Democrat Dennis Wiese all have their petitions in as of today.

Democrat and former legislator Dale Howlett of Watertown is a surprise comeback for the House. If memory serves me, his opposition to the Death Penalty is an unpopular stance that caused him grief in the past, and will probably still remembered this time around (I didn't even have to think on that one).

Hal Wick (R) and Sandy Jerstad (D) have their petitions in, as does Scott Heidepreim (D). And there's several new candidates, including Republican House Candidate Richard Dean of Wessington Springs. (Isn't that Dr. Dean?) and some old ones as well.

The best one of all - Democrat Gary Loudner is giving it yet another go for the House in District 33! Yeah!

Thank God for that one. I wasn't sure there's be a new candidate that I'd be able to throw under the bus if I got hard up for material to post. I've had a couple "close encounters of the goofy kind" with Gary over the years, so there's enough for a good post or two. Suffice it to say that I'm not sure how strongly the Dems are claiming him as a candidate on their ticket.

Over the weekend I noticed yet a third person getting into the Klaudt - Wetz Senate Primary. Gerry Heck of Isabel jumped in on that one too.

What else? Read it all here on the Secretary of State's website. While you're doing that, I have candidate stuff I need to work on tonight.


Anonymous said…
No, it's not Dr. Dean.
Anonymous said…
Is the surprise judicial candidate the former Mr. Carly Simon?
PP said…
Carly Simon?

I'm not getting that reference.
K said…
James Taylor?
PP said…
No. Not James Taylor. I'll have it tonight.

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