Back at the SDWC Pierre campus - Big Week ahead!

I just rolled back in town to fight with my computer for an hour. I was thinking I had some serious issues and was frowning at the Windows XP disk... Do I re-install or not reinstall?

Luckily, it turned out to be a network card that was fried in last week's storm before I took off for Brookings. I just robbed one from my linux box (a computer which doesn't do more than just sit there and I ignore it), and I was good to go.

There is a big week ahead this week. The petition deadline is coming up Tuesday, so expect a flurry of activity. I know of a few that are yet to come in, including Northern Valley Beacon's David Newquist.

I even know of a couple that might come in, or maybe not. One or two in particular would likely trigger my involvement.

I know people are interested in this stuff. I went from just under 7500 web site visitors in February to just under 11,500 in March - a jump of 4000. It's forcing me to change the little plug at the top of my site for selling links, since I'm a little higher profile. (And the ads are still for sale).

Keep your eyes peeled to this website, for the latest and greatest of what's happening in SD Politics.


Anonymous said…
Same low Price?
PP said…
same low price.

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