Not to say I told you so..... But I told you so.

What was it, 6, 8 months or more ago that the South Dakota Mainstream Coalition formed? Just to point it out, the South Dakota State Senators involved with it at the inception were:
Ed Olson
Tom Dempster
Dave Knudson
Stan Adelstein
Royal "Mac" McCracken
J.P. Duniphan
Duane Sutton
Yes, we all know it was booed by some Republicans. The big story was how the Mainstream Coalition was overwhelmingly praised by the Democrats. Judy Olson and others could not gush over them more if they tried.

What were some of the comments thrown out by South Dakota Democratic Chairman Judy Olson - "The defection of several Republican state legislators from the hardcore stance of their party towards a more moderate agenda is another signal of progress. The Democratic Party has long held that personal freedom and personal choice are tenants of our platform. To see a cadre of Republican legislators embrace that vision makes me hopeful for the future."

After all of this fanfare from the Democrats for the Mainstream Coalition founders, lets count how many have been given a "bye" in their races for re-election by the Democrats:

Mainstream Member Democratic Opponent
Ed Olson Craig Kelly of Mitchell
Tom Dempster Paul Nielsen and Duane Spader (1 of 2)
Dave Knudson Roger Berggren
Stan Adelstein Tom Katus
Royal "Mac" McCracken Mac got a bye
J.P. Duniphan Dennis Finch
Duane Sutton Ted Kneebone

You know, oddly enough, it looks to me that despite all of the flowery talk from Judy Olson about all the progress these Republicans were making on buying into the Democratic Agenda, when the rubber hit the road, it didn't mean dick in relation to whether or not they were going to put an opponent up against them. With the sole exception of Mac McCracken, all are opposed.

Don't get me wrong. I like most of the people on this list. But I still don't agree with their efforts. My point was that I didn't see how it made the GOP stronger. And in the end, it didn't matter to the Democrats at all.

Did it matter that the Democrats thought them progressive thinkers? Nope. Not one bit. It didn't stop their recruitment efforts one iota. In the end, it reminds me of the Aesop's Fable about the farmer and the snake.
..Having compassion upon the snake, the farmer picked him up and carried him down into the valley and laid him down upon the ground. As the snake warmed up, he wiggled and stretched. He coiled himself up and struck the farmer.“Why did you bite me?” cried the farmer. “You gave me your word not to harm me.”

“Ah,” said the snake, “but you knew what I was when you picked me up.”
Back last September, Senator Tom Dempster had this to say about the Mainstream Coalition:
“Some people will say this is a charge on the Republican Party, on the Democratic Party. Not at all. This is Republicans Plus and Democrats on Steroids,” he said.
A nice gesture. But did it stop Democrats from running someone against him? Not at all. In the end, maybe the Mainstream Coalition should have thought twice before seeking the adulation of the loyal opposition. This loyal opposition who is going to put time, money, and effort into attempting to beat these people they were praising just a few short months ago.

Because in the end, all the Republican founders of the MAINstream Coalition really did was get their hands bit for the effort.


Anonymous said…
Now you just need Reagan Republicans to run against these liberal "Mainstream Coalition" Republicans in the GOP primary.
Anonymous said…
PP –
This is just silliness. Show me one time that the republicans gave a conservative democrat a bye. Republicans praise democrats like Julie Bartling and Dan Sutton but put up challengers against them every year. This is good for democracy.
PP said…
Anon #2 -

This is different. Much different.

This is an entire faction of Republicans who have gone off by themselves because they don't care for some of what the party they've chosen to affiliate with is promoting.

Dan Sutton and Julie Bartling don't hold meetings where the GOP chair gushes over how they are rejecting Democrat extremism.
Anonymous said…
Remember, when Judy Olson says "personal freedom and personal choice" she's talking about being pro-abortion. It's not good enough to just be pro-abortion ,you must be a democrat, too. I'm very disappointed we didn't have a real republican run against each one of these libs in the primary.
Anonymous said…
It is apparent that there is no room in the republican party for anyone that does not spout the religious extremist line. That is indeed unfortunate as it will eventually lead to the destruction of a political party that has in the past lead South Dakota to some of it's finest accomplishments.As a republican I am saddened by this turn of events. I can only hope that the inevitable victory by the democratic party is short lived and we quickly return to the GOP that viewed itself as representative of many points of view, not just those of a fringe group.
Anonymous said…
Republicans love Bryce Healy. wht won't he get a bye?

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