Tyler Smith is OUT

From the Argus Leader:
Tyler Smith, the 25-year-old university student who announced for governor, said today he’s withdrawing from that race and may consider seeking a constitutional office nomination from the South Dakota Democrat Party.


“I basically sat down on Sunday and decided to turn another direction," he added. "I’m not positive I’ll run for a constitutional office, but that’s the direction I’m leaning. I’ve had amazing support from people across the state, and if they want me to run for some statewide office, I want to do that.’’

He said he didn’t have a final count of petition signatures.

Candidates for constitutional office don’t file petitions with the state. Delegates to the political party nominating conventions, usually held during the summer, select them.
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ChiCom said…
whew...i thought he might knock of mayor rounds

speaking of mayor, professor pp, can you explain why Steve Hildebrand is backing Republican Mayor Mundson in Sioux Falls? just when i thought i had this figured out, this happens.

oh, and professor pp, what did you order on your "dinner with eppster"?
PP said…
Buffalo wings

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