Call for campaign websites

If you or your candidate has a website for a South Dakota political campaign email it to me. I'm going to start a listing of them around the bottom of the right hand column, since we're out of session and I need filler. It should also be a handy reference in case you're looking for information.

And yes Bob and Bonnie, I'll put the ballot issues there as well, pro and con, regardless of my opinion of them.


Bonnie said…
Well a big smooch to you.

But a smack too Pat, for not updating us all on the health of your child.

It's pretty uncomfortable, pulse racing reading to learn a parent, any parent is freaked out and driving fast because their kid's health is at risk...and Worse if it's in a sudden kind of way. If you'll check your post, you'll notice I responded. (I think I was the only one.)

So a smack to you Pat for not posting an official update.

After all, we're all here agreeing and disagreeing, and doing a lot of stuff for the Future benefit for our kids. Right?
I'm sure that if we needed to know something, we will be told in due time. Meanwhile, I'll be praying for you, the wife and all the little professors.
PP said…
I think I had mentioned somewhere that everyone is ok. Thanks for caring.

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