Governor's Primary opponent in hot water.

In the Pierre Capitol Journal last Friday, an article appeared in the paper about how two Pierre men were indicted by a federal grand jury on a 3 count indictment. It happens. But there's a bit of a political angle to it as well.

As reported in KGFX my daily news, here's a few more details:
Two Pierre men and a man from Mitchell appeared in federal court yesterday to answer to charges of under-reporting their income to the I.R.S. and other related charges. 44-year-old Kent Bowers and 45-year-old Kurt Bowers, both of Pierre and 50-year-old Kerwin Miller appeared in court in Pierre yesterday and pled not guilty to the charges against them. Kent Bowers was indicted for three-counts of Conspiracy and False Declaration.
What does this have to do with the Governor's Primary opponent?

Nothing now. But back then, he wasn't Governor but a primary candidate for a different office. In 1990 Mike Rounds was making his first run at public office in the State Senate and had announced he was going to take on incumbent Senator Jacquie Kelley. The only thing that stood in his way was another candidate who announced he was running in the primary - Kent Bowers. This same person who 16 years later finds himself in disagreement with the IRS.

And the rest is history.

(And thus ends today's history lesson from Professor PP)


Douglas said…
Guess it just shows that sooner or later every GOP candidate turns out to be a crook.

PP, you do have a good memory however. I think some of the institutional memory of the legislature has disappeared with term limits. Another can of worms however.
Kelly said…
"douglas" can you live by your own rules? seems you have forgotten that in this country if charged with a crime one is innocent until proven guilty - is that a crystal ball that yields such expansive wisdom or a divining rod?
Anonymous said…
We also know that the gutted IRS doesn't have the resources or the backbone left to go after any but the most flagrant flaunters of our voluntary tax system--leaving the honest ones to carry the weight of the massive debt compounded how many times in the last 6 years? There are kooks in the IRS just like everywhere else, but if they got up the nerve and the evidence to go after this guy, I'd say chances are pretty good they have a solid case.

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