SDDP Tooting their own horn

South Dakota Democrats are tooting their horn tonight for the rare occasion of their actually fielding a near full slate of candidates. From Elesha Carr in my e-mail box:
In 2002, the South Dakota Democratic Party fielded 68 candidates for the state legislature. In 2004, the SDDP fielded 71 candidates. For the 2006 election the South Dakota Democratic Party is pleased to announce it will be fielding well over 100 candidates to compete for 94 legislative seats. This is a net gain of 26 candidates in four years.


Getting this great slate of candidates is only the beginning. South Dakotans have had enough of the abusive one party rule in Pierre-- but it's going to take your involvement to make change happen.
"Abusive one party rule in Pierre?" How about, "What few candidates we've fielded in the past haven't been able to win, and as a result we're totally neutered." Of course, that would require focusing the microscope on themselves.

But that's fine. Political races are afoot, and from the sounds of the rhetoric, the gloves are off.

Let the games begin.


Anonymous said…
C'mon now PP. You know the game as good as anyone else. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to like it. But don't act surprised, and don't act like the gloves haven't been off for the past six to ten years.
PP said…
I'm not surprised. I'm smiling.

I'm smiling a big grin *because* the tone is a bit darker and more competitive this year. You won't hear me whine about "negative campaigning" like others.

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