Is this a cure, or a symptom?

OK, now that Sibby is beating me to the punch as well, I'm posting this, so as to remain topical and current.

Did anyone read the article in the Mitchell Daily Republic from Saturday? (sorry, registration required) The one noting that Ed Olson was going to be the new part time executive director for the "South Dakota Mainstream Coalition."

I'm not sure what it's all intended to be about. Ed says the group would not be a new political party, initiate legislation, or become a political action committee. Apparently it's modeled after a group seeking a moderate voice in Kansas Politics. So in effect, it's a sort of caucus/discussion group.

Wasn't this already tried on the conservative end of the spectrum? There had been a previous effort in the middle of 2004, a Conservative Political Action Committee & caucus to go along with it because they thought they were being ignored.

I don't have enough information to make a judgement on all of this, so I'll withhold comment. Looking at the people involved in each movement; I like Ed Olson - I think he's one of the best legislators that come to Pierre. He's well reasoned and thoughtful in his approach. And I like Bill Napoli too - I think we need more legislators that stand on principle. You might not agree with him, but he is not going to compromise his beliefs.

Back in the day, when Joe Barnett was in charge of the GOP in the State House of Representatives, he ruled the GOP Caucus with an iron fist (in a velvet glove). Joe laid down rules that there would be no intra-party caucuses. Period. No east river caucuses, west river caucuses, conservative, moderate, whatever. And it was a BY GOD rule. Nobody violated it.

I was visiting the legislature when Joe Barnett's name was included in the memorial to the legislators who had passed the previous year. At the mention of his name, I was taken aback at how many grown men openly wept out of loss and respect for their departed colleague.

Joe Barnett was in the legislature for 19 years, and was majority leader from 1979, until his death in 1985. For better or worse, with term limits, I think we've lost a little of that cohesiveness and authority to keep the troops in line on both sides of the aisle. I don't want to call it a free for all, but it seems there is more jockeying for position than before term limits.

I'm sure this will all resolve itself in the end. Actually, the conservative thing happened about this time last year. And this year we have the moderate thing. Personally, I think I'll stick to the Republican thing, and let those guys work it out themselves.


Anonymous said…
I’ve always said that if you’re a re a moderate in South Dakota there is really no place for you in the republican party. Especially in Pierre. All you have to do is look to the abortion debate over the last few years. The repubs in the house voted overwhelmingly to ban all abortions even in cases of rape or incest or if the life and health of the mother was in danger. This is extreme. 2 republicans who had the courage to vote against that bill lost primaries the next year. If you’re a moderate republican in South Dakota you ought to have your head checked.
F.M. Pointer said…
This group is great. If you're pro tax or pro abortion these are your guys. Of course that doesn't matter because you'd be hard pressed to find a bunch of less effective legislators in Pierre. Particularly Knudson and Adelstein - those two couldn't hit water falling out of a boat.
Anonymous said…
F. M. Pointer – you obviously don’t know what the hell your talking about. The head of the new group is Ed Olson, chair of the education committee. A couple of years ago he went something like 16 for 16 on bills he sponsored. I don’t know what your definition of effective is but you must set the bar high.
Anonymous said…
I would say, judging by the comments, that effective to that dude means he walks Pointer's dog, cooks a chicken dinner each night, and assists Pointer in loofing the back.

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