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Mainstream Twin powers - Activate!

Check out the Argus Leader. It's not posted on their website yet, but Kranz's article is interesting today.

Mel Olson is stating that if Dan Mathews challenges Ed Olson in the primary and wins, that he will run as an independent candidate in November. And, Mel is noting that he isn't chomping at the bit to get back into politics. But apparently he will rise to defend his Mainstream teammate.

More than anything, this reminds me of saturday morning cartoons. You remember the Justice League cartoons of the 70's, don't you? When one teammate would get captured by the villain, other members of the team would swoop in for the rescue.

In this case, Ed Olson, the Mainstream Team's Superman is being threatened by a member of a rival super team. So it's up to Mel Olson's - the Mainstream Team's Aquaman to swoop in and defend him as an independent... At the same time there will likely be a Democrat (from the Legion of Doom) also in the race.

That would mean it's about time to turn the channel, and hope a rerun of the Flinstones comes on.


Anonymous said…
BIG Assumption! Dems can leave vacant and run their own indpendent if Ed wins or fill ballon in April and withdraw if Matthews wins and Mel gets in the race. Don't forget Mel was the dem leader having him on the ballot is the Dem dream.
PP said…
Very true. But that's typically a seat they don't give a bye on.
Anonymous said…
Liberals stick together!

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