Who'll give me one and a quarter per pound for my wife? Do I hear $1.30? Take a lap around the sale ring, dear.

Oh my god. I hadn't head about this one until this AM.

Apparently, at the recent Rapid City Crackerbarrel, Gordon Howie started his "for god's sake don't re-elect me" campaign. And I don't think this one is going to die. Ever.

According to Mt. Blogmore - as related by Bill Harlan - Howie was trying to explain his rationale' as to why he's against abortion:
"... during a comments about abortions, which Howie opposes, he noted that pregnant cows were worth more than the non-pregnant variety."


Gordon also apologized for the remark. He said he only meant to say that South Dakotans value life. If we value unborn livestock, he said, why wouldn’t we value the lives of unborn human beings. “I freely admit I said that very poorly,” Gordon said.
Apparently, Celeste Calvitto is going to devote her Tuesday column to the whole debacle.

I related this all to my wife, and her immediate comment was "Oh my god. He's just made half of his electorate really, really angry."

But then I told her to quick slacking and to get back in the kitchen to toil with the other beasts of burden. (Ow! Ow! Okay, I was just kidding)

This will be one I'll keep watching. I've heard a distant rumbling that there might be a remote possibility of a primary in this district. With comments like that one, Gordon might just be the person who brings it about.


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