Don't forget the RCJ's Rally Blog

If you're like me, either doing other things or lacking a motorcycle, you can live vicariously through the Rapid City Journal's ongoing blog on the Sturgis Rally by Reporter Bill Harlan. You know it's worth reading when he uses comments like "On my newsroom computer, if I hit “control F8″ it automatically types “A tourist was gored today …” It happens a lot."

Read it all here.


Actually the Union County Fair debacle worked out pretty well. The Fair Manager was persuaded by one of the smoother talking guys to let the smoothie sales take place. A few of the guys cleaned out an old closet with two serving windows. We sold several hundred dollars worth. There was a lot of traffic by the toilets; we also had a guitar player-singer nearby which helped. We did more business than the local slush salesman did.

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