Now that's the understatement of the year.

Posting has been light tonight, as I've been torturing myself listening to Bill Stegmeier podcast interviews to see what I can glean.

Ugh. 2-3 hours of paranoia about judges and bankers and insurance companies walking hand in hand, and Bill talking about his seeing his poor friend (the one who refused to pay taxes and threatened to kill a judge) "railroaded" by the guv'mint.

There was kind of a "no sh*t, Sherlock" moment that struck me as mildy funny. But it quickly goes back into the anti-judge paranoia that is Amendment E. Listen to it here as the host of "The Common Sense Coalition" Derry Brownfield points out the fact that if Stegmeier's measure is challenged, it will go in front of the same judges he's going after:
Derry: It's going to challenged in a court of judges that hate you to start with.

BS: er... yah.
Of course, BS thinks everyone will rise up in protest. Somehow, I sincerely doubt it.

Oh, and aside from convicted felon Gene Lodermeier, they're still lacking a SD case that anyone will swallow. I'll have to post the clip where BS & Zerman practically choke over answering that one.

- I also noticed tonight that the head of the Judicial Accountability movement in Georgia, Ed Strange, took a moment away from penning a love letter to his first cousin (or whatever anti-guv'mint types do down South) and compared me to Hitler.


Haggs said…
Way to take one for the team, PP. I know I wouldn't be able to sit through hours of listening to those clowns.
Anonymous said…
What I cannot understand is if Stegmeier supposedly left his two star JAILer in Chief title and Branson, why is it that Branson and other JAILers like Ed Strange are coming out of the wood work helping him at that site you linked to.
Anonymous said…
What I don't understand is all the anti-americanism shown by you bloggers...Did it ever occur to yous guys that Cali is a state in AMERICA? Who cares who supports Amendment E, next you'll be saying that Bill Stegmeier is a member of Al-quaida
PP said…
Really anon 10:59? I didn't think they taught geography in the New World Order Schools.

Regardless, if it's such a peachy keen idea, then let Ron Branson try it in his own backyard before he exports it to SD.

Oh, that's right - he couldn't get it on the ballot there.

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