Light posting ahead.... more of this week's happenings

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm not posting at my usual frenetic rate.

It's crunch time for me on a couple of fronts - first and foremost the impending Vietnam War Memorial Dedication. I'm deeply involved in it, and as we approach the 15th and 16th, I'm bumping up against some deadlines. So, my evening activities are sometimes dedicated somewhere besides blogging.

Also, my son's 5th birthday is also approaching on September 11th, and I promised him some custom t-shirts for the occasion. I also threw in some custom canvas totes for the birthday party swag.

This week was kind of legislator heavy for me - I enjoyed dinner with State Representative Joel Dykstra and got a little more up to speed on a couple of the telecommunications issues, as we talked politics and etcetera. Coincidentally, another legislator was also in Pierre that evening for interim meetings, as sitting next to us were Jim Hundstad and his wife.

I don't think Hundstad recognized me as someone who had previously laid scorn at his doorstep before.

I also ran into Senator Frank Kloucek the next day as he was milling around after one of the interim committee meetings, and I chatted with him for a few minutes. As always, Frank was in full campaign mode.

As the week winds down, it looks like the capital punishment issue is starting to slip off out of the newspapers. Now it's being replaced with such stories as Deadwood buying Wild Bill Hickock memorabilia, and a kid in the Watertown school district finding a new use for the computer he got through the laptop pilot project.

Actually I hear it just happened to be in his backpack (with the backpack being the weapon of choice). Somehow, I think he might lose his deposit.

And a majority of South Dakota politicians ignoring Project Vote Smart seems to be top of the news today, as evidenced from all the major news outlets. One question - if it's project vote smart, why are there so many misspellings in Jack Billion's dialogue responses?

"As govenor" and "luxery items"? Governor is misspelled at least twice? And they want people to take their website seriously? Thank God I don't have that problem. ...The being taken seriously part, that is.

What else is going on this week? The South Dakota Right to Life convention is this weekend, September 9th, at the Elmen Center in Sioux Falls. The featured speaker is Rebecca Kiessling, a nationally known speaker on the topic of abortion who is not only found out as a young adult that she was a child conceived out of rape, but her mother tried twice to abort her.

With the rape and incest provisions in Referred Law 6 being the object of some pointed debate, watch for Rebecca to probably be a familiar face over the course of the next two months as the campaign wages on.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
So, PP - your son was born on September 11, 2001? I'll bet you have trouble remembering that!
Haggs said…
You had dinner with Joel Dykstra? Maybe you should ask him why he's screwing around with Canton's city government instead of sticking to his own business.

And they're having a Right to Life meeting at Augie? As a former Augie student, that makes me sad.

P.S. Happy birthday to your son.
PP said…
Thanks to both of you.

Actually 9:18, I blogged on it last year at

And suprisingly, it still remains current.

And with 6 kids, that's why I carry a card with all their bdays in my pocket.

I learned this lesson from my own parents (who had six kids as well). One year, they celebrated one of my younger brother's birthdays on the wrong day. And I can sympathize.
Anonymous said…
PP, I checked the link for your story of your son's birth on 9/11. Thanks to you, I now have tears pouring down my cheeks as I relived the anguish I felt while my two nephews and my youngest nephew’s father-in-law, Michael Swetnam from the Potomac Institute, were missing in Washington, DC after that plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Thank God my nephews and Michael, who was locked in the Security Council with VP Cheney, were found to be okay and your son was born healthy with no complications. Life continues even after a horrible tragedy like these terrorist attacks and we should be ever mindful of how short our time is on this globe.

Thanks for the uplifting reminder of what is really important in life.
Anonymous said…
Back to your dinner w/Dykstra, PP. You got up to speed on a couple of telecommunications issues w/him? Please, he's a shameless self-promoter who's worn out his welcome in Pierre. He starts out impressive and then you realize he's shoveling it. Lot of talk, lot of slime. The guy wanted to be governor but has now burned enough bridges in his own party that he's done.

Hope you had the angus burger w/blue cheese. Tasty.

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