SD Abortion ban battle hits national press in AP Article

Check out this article just filed in the past two hours by the Associated press about the South Dakota Abortion ban:

"We're David, they're Goliath," contended Leslee Unruh, head of the campaign group supporting the ban. Parked outside her office in Sioux Falls were cars with a blunt bumper sticker: "The Killing Stops Here."

The most recent independent poll, in July, found 47 percent of voters opposed the ban, 39 percent favored it, 14 percent were undecided. When asked if they would approve a ban with exceptions for rape and incest, support rose to 59 percent.

Unruh, who had an abortion years ago that she now regrets, says momentum is turning as more voters hear her side's core message: Abortion hurts women. In the event of defeat, she vows to keep fighting.

"Sometimes it's not about votes — it's about the truth," she said.

Jan Nicolay, a former school principal and Republican state legislator, is co-chair of the campaign to keep abortion legal. She knows the stakes are high.

"People from other states are telling me, 'You're in the limelight. Good luck. Please do everything you can to defeat it,'" she said.

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Angie said…
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Angie said…
"We're David, they're Goliath,"
-Leslee Unruh

Really? Whatever happened to the VoteYesForBackAlleyAbortions crew claiming during the petition drive that they had overwhelming support for the ban?

This is South Dakota. They're trying to ban abortion. Who's really David?
Anonymous said…
Re: David vs. Goliath - Leslee is just preparing everyone for the expected defeat when sensible South Dakotans cast their vote to keep the government out of decisions that affect crisis pregnancies.

Besides, if the ban isn't struck down, what would Leslee have to do then? But if it stopped, she can keep harping away at it - and make more money in the process.

This has been such a power trip for her.
Anonymous said…
Can somebody remind leslee that David wasn't fighting to take people's rights away. Just the opposite I believe.

Leslee's role is more like the Pharaoh trying to keep women from escaping the slavery imposed by rapists. May a plague of locusts descend on Leslee!
Anonymous said…
Does Leslee have a position on Amend. E or not? Damnit, I know how her husband feels but what about her? Maybe they intend to indict under E when the law is overturned? Kill a judge, kill a doc, all in the name of life.
Anonymous said…
If Leslee could get a little more airtime for herself, I'm sure she would be willing to share a spot with Bill Stegmeier in support of Amendment E.
Anonymous said…
anon 6:31.


Anonymous said…
A question for Robert Regier of the SD Family Policy Council:

You were forced to discuss the abortion you paid (for your part of) when it was feared that in responding to your political attacks, the Daschle camp would use it to their political gain.

While "God has forgiven you" for your "young and foolish" mistakes (which we all make, you point out), it seems a reasonable question to ask -- why the woman who aborted your child is not front and center as a spokeswoman for the "Vote Yes on 6 / For Life" campaign.

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistance that there are loopholes which only now exist as the "morning after pill," may we ask just how long you waited between conception and abortion? Was it longer than the time the "Vote Yes" literature says emergency contraception "works"?

Would your abortion have been allowed under the law we are being asked to affirm / repeal? Was it a case of rape or incest?

Given the "Vote Yes" campaign's insistance on how abortion emotionally cripples women, have you ensured that your first child's mother, if that's how you choose to remember her, has grown up to be as stable an adult as you have? And do you owe her financial remuneration for the pain and suffering you contributed to by your "young and foolish" sowing of oats? Would it equal the cost of raising the child to college age, or would she feel you owed her more?

Should the doctor who performed your shared abortion face retroactive punishment for the crime you paid to him to commit?

Where is the woman that did not become Mrs. Regier ... or do we deserve her side of the story?
lexrex said…
mrs. ellis, you said, "You were forced to discuss the abortion you paid (for your part of) when it was feared that in responding to your political attacks, the Daschle camp would use it to their political gain."

i didn't fear anything. i actually shared my testimony long before daschle ever said anything. in fact, i was already publicly sharing my story when hildebrand taped it. daschle and hildebrand actually did me a favor "exposing" my dark secrets.

see this from the argus leader (june 8, 2003):

Comments in a Washington Post story detailing Daschle's trip in late May to South Dakota gave an indication of his strategy for an anticipated re-election race.

The story says Daschle's campaign team has "assembled embarrassing information on several conservatives who are considering more attack ads against Daschle.

The information includes videotape of a conservative activist discussing how he paid for his girlfriend's abortion," the Post reported.

"You'll see us spending a lot of time attacking the attackers," Daschle campaign manager Steve Hildebrand told the Post.

That comment makes the subject of that abortion reference angry.
Rob Regier, executive director of the Rushmore Policy Council based in Sioux Falls, has been open about the experience involving his girlfriend, and responded last week to Hildebrand's comments in a letter to supporters titled "Gutter Politics."

The letter, in part, says:
"Many of you have heard me give my Christian testimony. In it, I talk about a time in my life when I thought I was man enough to have sex outside of marriage but wasn't man enough to deal with the consequences. My sinful and cowardly actions led me to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls where I brought an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion.

"Thankfully, God sent his Son to die for my sins. I've since turned my life over to Christ and now encourage others in my position to choose life instead of death. God has blessed me with many opportunities to take my horrible experience and use it for good."
Regier says Daschle and his campaign team bring "the politics of personal destruction to a new low."

"It is utterly disgusting that Senator Daschle would take my Christian testimony and spin it for his own political gain," Regier wrote.

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