Congrats to Representative Ryan and Kim Olson

I'm told tonight that District 24 Representative Ryan Olson and his wife Kim Olson, a staffer for Governor Rounds just celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter Olivia.

Congratulations on the new parents.

(only 6 more to catch up with me, guys)


Anonymous said…
When is Ryan going to announce he's running against Gray? Or is Jeff Monroe making a comeback? I've heard a lot of "conservatives" are unhappy w/Bob.
Anonymous said…
No offense anon 7:36, but Bob can run circles around Ryan's intellect.
Anonymous said…
How about Tim Rounds challenging Bob?
Anonymous said…
2:16... I would agree that Ryan has less experience, but not less intellect. I have visited with Ryan and seen him in many different circles and he is considerate, genuinely interested, and always willing to listen and learn. Bob is a great guy- a smart guy, and I am not convinced that he is doing a bad job, but I think that Ryan Olson would be a great Senator, as well. Anyone can learn more about issues and understand politics, but not everyone is born with the gentle and earnest dispostion that Rep. Olson has, and that genuine concern and understanding can't be taught.

Congrats to Ryan and Kim- they will be great parents!

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