Thanks.... I think.

As I woke up watching the typically horrendous KDLT morning news (where the current anchors use the word "definitiely" on a constant and daily basis as if they watched Rain Man just a few too many times), I saw Kate Looby of Planned Parenthood on the show telling people about a free Gadrasil clinic at Planned Parenthood to incoculate women against the HPV virus.

They're taking the same position I took during session. And as I watched her performance, my heart sank. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Boy.. You guys really, really didn't do the rest of us who think that way any good.

You know, when it's Planned Parenthood is saying the vaccine isn't about sex, I don't think it helps my argument any. It's like Quentin Tarantino saying his movies aren't about violence.


Anonymous said…
the shame you should feel, pp, is that while you were demanding that our nanny state pay for these shots, the private sector was and is giving them out for free.
Anonymous said…
Hey, PP, when you're right, you're right.
Don't worry about it.
Anonymous said…
I guess it's time for you to wake up and realize that Planned Parenthood isn't the big bad wolf and that it provides a lot of good services for people. It's not all about abortion.

I'm glad your on the right side of this issue though pp.
Anonymous said…
PP- You need to learn to set your own prejudices aside and listen to the message instead of focusing on the messanger. You are acting like a knee jerk conservative. Will you get kicked out of the GOP if you agree with something that Kate "The wicked witch of the east" Looby says? God forbid you had a differing opinion than others in the party. The GOP doesn't have room for differences in opinion.
Anonymous said…
HPV is a preventable problem that this shot can alleviate. I don't care where women get the vaccine as long as they get it in time. Don't play "kill the messenger" when it comes to public health issues such as HPV. Instead applaud everyone involved in getting the word out to women who may need access to this vaccine and aren't always aware of how they can get it.
Anonymous said…

planned parenthood recieved 122 million our tax dollars last year. PP is not the private sector.
Anonymous said…
Law of unintended consequences.

Giving free vaccines to children, good. Giving free sex disease vaccines to children, uncomfortable. Giving money to Planned Parenthood because they are giving free vaccines to children, unconscionable!

First you get the parents and the children in the building to receive the vaccine.

“See, we are a nice clean facility. You can come to us for all your reproductive health needs. And, in times of crisis, we'll take care of you too. And, because we care, we can provide most of our services without your mom’s knowledge.”

What is the likelihood that Planned Parenthood is going to promote abstinence when they are distributing the vaccine? Are they going to warn the parents about he very serious side effects of the vaccine prior to having the parents sign the consent forms, or like in the case of the abortions, will the parents have to sign the consent before seeing the nurse/educator and asking questions?

Now that Planned Parenthood is a member of the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program, will they be distributing vaccines that have a long track record of being save and effective – Mumps, Tetanus, etc. Or, are they only concerned about sex vaccines. (Which is new to the market and not yet completely tested – see the statements from the NIH and the CDC doctors).

PP, you and the state were wrong to jump head first into a massive financial allocation for a vaccine that is not yet proven. Thanks for beginning to realize it. I really hope that the report of serious adverse effects (like juvenile arthritis) do not plague our uninsured, under insured, and Native American girls. (These are the ones who are eligible for the VFC program)
Anonymous said…
"planned parenthood recieved 122 million our tax dollars last year. PP is not the private sector."

And how much did Leslee Unruh and her Abstinence Clearninghouse get?
Anonymous said…
How did Leslee Unruh and the Abstinence Clearinghouse come into this discussion?

Are you trying to confuse the issue by using distraction?

My favorite scene in the Lion King is when the Hyenas say, "Mufasa, Mufasa, MUFASA!" Because they like the chills they get. I can see it now, you and your friends sit around the fireplace at night, drinking chardonnay, scaring each other, "Unruh, Unruh, UNRUH!"

Get a life and a valid argument.
Angie said…
Anon 9:57-

You're right. The CDC has statements that indicate that Guardasil requires more testing, mostly to the effect of whether or not a booster shot will eventually be needed, and whether boys could benefit from receiving the shot as well.

You seem to be implying, however, that no one's bothered to do any tests on Guardasil, and that big crazy liberal states like TEXAS are forcing 11-12 year old girls to be used as guinea pigs. After all, the FDA is known for arbitrarially approving vaccines. Oh, wait....just kidding.

On top of that, you need to get your facts straight about Planned Parenthood. Maybe you could even get them from someone besides Leslee Unruh!
PP said…
8:23, they got them from the state.
Anonymous said…
Should YOU be forced to underwrite
Planned Parenthood with your tax dollars?

* Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America and has killed more than 3 million innocent children at its facilities
* Planned Parenthood's top goal for the next 25 years is to push its agenda of promiscuous sex everywhere in our society
* Planned Parenthood puts minors on birth control without parents' knowledge or involvement
* Planned Parenthood has demonstrated a willingness to cover up for rapists and child predators
* Planned Parenthood pushes pornography onto children with shocking and offensive websites, books, and literature
* Planned Parenthood is openly hostile to Christianity, and regularly mocks people of faith
* Planned Parenthood hurts women with misleading and dishonest medical information
* And Planned Parenthood does all of this with over $265 million dollars a year of your tax money

Millions of Americans are fed up with this insanity! Take a stand and tell your elected officials that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Anonymous said…
pp 11:51, if that's true, then that is indeed shameful. pp and the abstinence clearinghouse ought not get one dime from the government.

yet my argument in 8:23 stands. while our nanny state was patting herself on the back for taking care of her children the citizens with our hard-earned money, sanford hospital and others were already giving it away for free.

Anonymous said…
Gee, It looks like Leslie and Roger tagged teamed up to spread some very slanted info about Planned Parenthood.
Anonymous said…
Maybe anon 3:52 should have attributed his source. This little copy and paste job is from the "American Life League Associates Newsletter," but without any citation to the source, it looks like pure plagiarism to me.
Anonymous said…
You should be embarrassed PP, because you and pp are both wrong.How could pp be doing ANYTHING that wasn't associated with sex?
PP said…
11:13 - THAT'S MY POINT!
Anonymous said…
9:07 and 9:39, You guys say 3:52 is giving a slanted view about Planned Parenthood. What is not factual in his writing? I noticed all you did was try to belittle his info, yet you didn't put up any info to the contrary.
Anonymous said…
...and let's give credit where credit is due. This was Governor Mike Rounds' brain child.

Thanks Mike! Making South Dakota...even better.
Wrrrrrong again! (Note to Mike: You'll be on the same side of this issue when you run against the strongly pro-Planned Parenthood Congresswoman.)
Anonymous said…
In House Bill 1061, Did anyone notice how the vote went in the Senate. Only two no votes. Interesting.
Anonymous said…
11:20 The burden of proof is on the accuser. And extraordinary accusations require extraordinary proof. There is no proof offered in any of the assertions given in 3:52.

For example, prove to us that you are not a closet homosexual pedophile. See what I mean? You don't have to prove that, and no one in their right mind would ever ask you to.
Anonymous said…
"9:07 and 9:39, You guys say 3:52 is giving a slanted view about Planned Parenthood."

No, I said that 3:52 plagiarized that garbage from some ultra-right wing newsletter. Anyone care to dispute that?

Nice ethics, 3:52. Hypocrite.
Anonymous said…
Now really, do we have to clutter up the blog with the detailed statistics about Planned Parenthood, when it has been produced time and again for years on end? Are you disputing the fact that Planned Parenthood has killed more than 3 million children? Or that they receive more than $265 million in tax dollars? The proof is all over the place, but you prefer to live with your head in the sand, just like Planned Parenthood wants you to.
Anonymous said…
9:09 To answer your two questions in the order that you gave them, "yes" on the first and "no" on the second. Now tell us why you didn't even think about presuming defend the intellectual itegrity of rest of the garbage in the list. I'm guessing it's because you know better. Do us a favor. Don't try to outsmart yourself. It's embarassing to watch.
Anonymous said…
Oh, so now stating proven facts and statistics is "plagiarism". Okay everyone! Just so you all know, the facts stated in the post by 3:52 come from a variety of sources, including individual state health departments, the IRS, etc... and those listed in 3:52 happened to come from the American Life League, although they could have come from any one of hundreds of groups that also keep facts and statistics about the holocaust in our country. There! Done! I'm sure that all the pro-aborts will be quiet and happy now that everyone knows that these facts and statistics actually came from somewhere. I'm sure that American Life League would be appalled that someone actually posted facts and statistics that they have to spend a fortune on trying to get out to the public. And, wow, they now got their info. out for free. I'm sure they'd be very upset about that.
Angie said…
The "facts" posted from anon 3:52 (or wherever they came from) are in dispute for several reasons:

1. PP is a clinic, not an "abortion chain." You make it sound like a trip to PP (whether it's for a routine pap smear, a pregnancy test, or an abortion) is like a trip to Wal-Mart. Please. More importantly, saying "3 million innocent children were killed" and "3 million abortions have been performed" is not the same thing, and you know it.

2. Federal tax dollars do not fund abortion procedures. They fund programs like providing reproductive health care (like the above mentioned gynological care, plus cervical cancer screenings, STD treatment, etc) to women. They're as much a public health organization as they are "an abortion chain."

3. Planned Parenthood doesn't have the time, resources, or manpower to try to "push promiscious sex into society." Their mission is to be a full-service reproductive health care provider and advocate.

4. If you have evidence that they've promoted pornography, that would be interesting to see. That's not something they're terribly concerend with. They have better things to do.

5. There are many people of faith (including but not limited to Christians) involved in the work PP does. If you can see anywhere in their literature or on their website where they "openly mock people of faith," please let me know.

Individual people may "mock" others, but that doesn't mean that that's the over-arching attitude of the organization. You might "mock" a whole lot of people, but that doesn't mean that Christians/men/whatever other group you want to apply the generalization to holds the exact same beliefs.

6. Planned Parenthood is one of the country's leaders on advocating for medically accurate health care information to be provided to women. If you see any medically inaccurate information on their literature or website or anything, I would love to know about it.
Anonymous said…
"Just so you all know, the facts stated in the post by 3:52 come from a variety of sources, including individual state health departments, the IRS, etc... "

Wrong. It's a direct copy and paste from some radical right wing newsletter. Google it and see for yourself.

You see, when you copy someone else's work without giving them credit for it, it's called plagiarism, and plagiarism is the same as intellectual theft.

Get back to me when you've passed Morals 101.
RealFakeNews said…
PP right, definitely right, definitely. He's also an excellent driver. Mrs. PP lets me drive on Fridays. Definitely an excellent driver. Definitely. K-Mart sucks. Definitely. Definitely sucks. Ten minutes to KDLT News at Ten. Definitely. Ten mintues to Jen Wahl.

Just to loosen things up a bit. Definitely.
Anonymous said…

Of course, Epp at 1:44...1:44.

Todd Epp made a joke. Yeah.

WARC...boing!!... the Future of SD Blogs.
WARC...boing!!... the Future of SD Blogs.
WARC...boing!!... the Future of SD Blogs.
Anonymous said…
1:44 is one of Epp's best posts ever. Most definitely.
Anonymous said…
big liberal,
When is the last time planned parenthood DIDN'T promote promiscuous sex into society?

Want proof?

Go to planned parenthood's website under teens. There you will find a link for teens. On the front page of this website without clicking on any links you find phrases like, "What does "cum" mean?", "Penis Envy", not to mention a video that shows teens how to put on a condom.

If a teen really doesn't know how to put on a condom on are they really ready for the consequences of sexual activity?

Are you paid by planned parenthood big? Or do you just promote their disgusting agenda on your own?
Anonymous said…
big liberal says, "Federal tax dollars do not fund abortion procedures."

HAHAHAHA!! That's like saying donations to the Nazi's didn't go to the killing of the Jews. It only went to feed the soldiers and support the army.
Anonymous said…


That is so funny, the way you compare people fighting for personal liberty, privacy and the right
to believe in God in their own way to Hitler!

I just can't believe how funny that is.


How did you come up with that comparison?


You must be a genius.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:33,

Since when did the right to liberty include the right to end another humans life?
Anonymous said…
8:52. You're kidding right? Moses? The Magna Carta, maybe? People have been fighting and dying for freedom throughut history.
Anonymous said…
anon 8;12
The topic is abortion, not defending the freedoms of the United States or any other country.

Once again the pro-aborts show they cannot even discuss the topic they advocate for!
Anonymous said…
7:17 Ummm, no, actually
abortion was not the topic,
pin head.
Anonymous said…
actually if you follow the topic on the thread you will notice that the topic moves to funding an organization that it's reason for existance is for abortions.
So the discussion you are in really does speak of abortion.
Nice try slick!
Anonymous said…
8:08 Ok, let's do it your way. The thread lead to Hitler and killing Jews (real people). The wandering topic thus became Nazism and Fascism . Pay attention. Unless you are prepared to prove that PP is a Nazi/Fascist organization and that first trimester abortions are an equivalent form of government sanctioned murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing, I'd hang it up if I were you (slick).
Anonymous said…
ps. the topic of the thread is about government helping to prevent a form of cancer via free vaccinations to citizens. Not exactly the 3rd Reich if you ask me.
Anonymous said…
"PP is a Nazi/Fascist organization and that first trimester abortions are an equivalent form of government sanctioned murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing"

Good description of Planned Parenthood. I could not have described them any better. Thank You!
Anonymous said…
3:02 And that's exactly why WERE ALL
laughing at you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Anonymous said…
just so all of you know- at some point in time 70-80 percent of the population has some form of HPV- so most of you who are writing in here probably also carry some form of the disease and don't know it- if you don't believe the statistic go to the national cancer institute website- the CDC or what ever- this is a public health nightmare and if any of you deny your children this vaccine you could potentially be signing a death certificate for them. also the united states spends 5 billion dollars anually dealing with abnormal pap smears primarily caused by hpv- so vaccinate- get rid of this stuff and lets move on to a healthier society.

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