Herseth and her chief of staff out scouting the ice caps?

While South Dakota scratches it's head, Congresswoman Herseth is out patrolling the ice caps of Greenland with Nancy Pelosi.

And in an e-mail I got yesterday, I heard that (supposedly) she took her chief of staff with her as well?

Here's a question - in light of her junket to one of the planet's desolate locations, what about South Dakota's? When was the last time she took a trip to the Conata basin?

If she wants to show us how influential she is, why not get Nancy Pelosi here to show her how prairie dogs have turned that area into something akin to the surface of the moon? Then, I might be impressed.

Until then, the junket with her buddy from California makes little sense for South Dakota.


Anonymous said…
Hey, Don't chiefs of staff deserve free vacations too? Isn't it important for the public to have a staffer who knows that greenland is not really green?
Anonymous said…
Pelosi and Stephanie, a perfect pair. Herseth's mask is off people. She's becoming what she is--a DC liberal who loves the leftwing

Anybody But Herseth-Sandlin in 2008!
Anonymous said…
what a dumb junket! glad she's learned quickly how to squander tax payer dollars so quickly!

where's the reporting from the Argus and Woster and Kranz?? oh right, Herseth-Sandlin is above scrutiny and there can never be a story written which might hurt her...did Peter Harriman go along too?
Anonymous said…
isn't Herseth against the CULTURE OF CORRUPTION in Washington, i.e. Tom Delay going golfing in Scotland? so why is galavanting around Europe and taking her friends along and leaving the taxpayers with the tab??
Anonymous said…
Right. If an asteroid the size of Texas was headed for earth, and due to strike in the next 50 years, you turkeys would still be worried about prairie dogs. Typical.
Anonymous said…
did Herseth-Sandlin take along her 58-year-old lobbyist husband and his 5 kids? that will really run up the taxpayers tab!
Anonymous said…

You darn right we're worried about prairie dogs. They are ruining our livelihood and the federal government is allowing it to happen because of enviro-whackos like these political idiots. They are using our own tax dollars to put us out of business. Does that seem fair to you?

The glaciers in Greenland have absolutely no effect on us, although with Miss Perky and Madame Pelosi showing up with their entourage and their hot air, it may cause them to melt completely!!

Herseth has certainly shown us who she truly is. Too bad neither the Argus nor the Journal want to let us know what she’s doing. Why must we always have to hear the worst about her from the national news outlets?
Anonymous said…
Does it seems like Herseth is slipping lately? The marriage was creepy and looks dumb. She voted to set a surrender date and screwed over our troops in the field. She's buddying up to Pelosi and taking eco-iceberg junkets. Very unimpressive.
Anonymous said…
The prairie dog is only a part of the problem in the Conata Basin, just as worse then p dogs is the drought, and equally destructive to the p dog is the over grazin. Why do ranchers who are leesees of the public's land beleive that the public owes them a living off of this land? The Conanta Basin should be managed for the Black Footed Ferrets which allows the grazing of cattle along with P. dogs.
Anonymous said…
Din't know you were able to eat Ferrets??? yum yum, but i guess you could eat what you want unless you are just a fruit and veggie person.
Guess they want us to ship the cattle out of state as well. HOw do you type Dust Bowl?

O ,I guess I just did.......
Anonymous said…
Well get ready, I am sure Herseth will come back with information on thermo heating from Iceland.

I know some of our State Legislators were over there a few years ago. I am not sure what could have changed. But i am sure It Will Be New News"... Just wait.

I former trip I was talking about was an energy meeting, but i feel rather comfortable saying it was NOT state sponsored.
Anonymous said…
Conata basin has barely 700 AUM's leased on the land, so it is not like there is a lot produced off of the land that is called "Badlands".
Carnivore said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
This "junket" involves a meeting regarding a committee assignment on global warming.

This entire thread is ignorant, factually wrong, and rabid-rat petty.
Anonymous said…
People know it is supposed to be on Global warming.
I for one threw in the fact that we have had a teamthere from this state and other states they basicly went on the same dtrip dthis group is goingon.
Energy issues and the so called "global warming" kind of fit together. We just have all the hype now on warming. However, i know there are some things that we could do in the energy areana to better things.
So i would not say the whole thread is junk!
Anonymous said…
What in the world is going on why do i have all the d's in there???
Anonymous said…
If this is all nonsense, then tell me what the committee is voting on?

I'll tell you - nothing. They don't have any legislative authority.

Anonymous said…
11:19. They are going just because they can, and because they don't have to pay for it. One of the perks of the job. One of the perks of the job that should be eliminated. But who's going to do that? The legislators themselves?? HA!!!
Anonymous said…
8:54 Ok, I get it. So maybe if we nuke the asteroid and break it up in such a way that it just hits the prairie dogs (...and maybe a few democrats?)

You guys are too much.
Anonymous said…
Herseth Sandlin Waste of Money/Vote.

She couldn't fight the prairie dogs, Black Footed Ferrets, Forest Service and USFW if she wanted to because it would anger her leftwing whacko enviro nuts. It's the only issue she hasn't said "me too!" to. Sen. Thune is the only one fighting for the ranchers on this one.

She doesn't know where the Conata Basin is. Heck, she doesn't know where Pennington County is. Does she even remember where SD is?
Anonymous said…
You would think the ranchers themselves could figure out what to do about the prairie dogs.
Hey, it's your land fellas.

You sound like a bunch of welfare whiners with your hand out, lookin' for a big suck off the Thune Sugar Johnson.

Solve your own problems.

If you'd just get your hand of your hot dogs and pick up your varmit rifles, you could have this thing over before the cows come home.

Oh, and take out the trash to the dump on your way out, will ya whimpo's? It's startin' to stink around here.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, somethin’ is startin’ to stink all right and the smell is coming from your direction 12:50. Maybe the smell is emanating from the orifice you have your head stuffed into?

We redneck ranchers don’t have any problem taking care of prairie dogs that are on OUR land. A dose of poison and a clean up with our varmint guns takes care of the rats on our private land.

It’s the prairie rats coming off YOUR land, the public land, that are giving us trouble and causing us problems. You and your enviro-whacko friends refuse to take responsibility for the damage you create with your idiotic policies.

YOU and your tax-money consuming liberal bureaucrats are the problem.

We haven’t asked you for one thin dime, but we sure wish you’d pick up the tab for the damage caused by your mismanagement of public land and resources.

Who are the welfare whiners? Look in the mirror.
Anonymous said…
Last time I checked Conata Basin was public land, I Dont think anyone said anything about P dogs and anything but the Conata basin?
Hey 1:39 do you own all the land you graze on or do you have a leese?
Anonymous said…

Wah. Wah. Wah.

What a whiner.

If you knew how to manage the land you are fortunate enough to get to live on, you wouldn't have to be asking us "non-professionals" for a handout. There's no free lunch, pal.

Get a clue. The dogs were there first. Deal with it, It's part of your job description. And if you can't figure it out, get a job in town.

Just cut with the whining. I thought you
brokeback mountain guys were tough.
Anonymous said…
PP -- Please cite a source for this. From what I know, your assertion isn't true. If you are indeed spreading a lie about Herseth and her Chief of Staff, I assume you'll eat crow.

As far as I'm concerned, your credibility is on the line on this one...
Anonymous said…
Stan -- which one of her friends did she bring along? Just curious...
Anonymous said…
It will be interesting to see if Pat actually has sources on the Dem side, or if he's a willing participant in the unsubstantiated rumor mill.

And what is it with rumors about Herseth and her Chief of Staff? Didn't Pat "break" the Ajay Bruno deal too?
Anonymous said…
3:12 and 3:30 – couldn’t get all your screeching done in one post? You remind me of my brother’s ex-wife.

Conata Basin is public land supported and cared for (although not very well) by our tax dollars. Prairie dogs come off the public land to denude private grasslands, which DO NOT belong to the public and have been bought and paid for by private individuals who have every right to try to make a living off their own land.

Who is asking for a handout? It’s jerks like you who are destroying privately owned rangelands along with the public lands and it is jerks like you who are getting handouts from the taxpayers who have to pay to maintain the “public’s land” for YOUR recreation.

I suggest that YOU get a clue, although I’m guessing the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Just so you know, we bought every acre of land we graze our cows on, we get NO government subsidies, and I’m darn sick of my tax money going to pay for land for you to play on, while that same public land is producing prairie rodents that keep invading my privately owned land, ruining my grass and my checkbook.

Tell me, do you work in Miss Perky’s office? That would explain a lot...
Anonymous said…
O I just loved this thread! Keep it up. Really i am not joking. For those who voted for Herseth with their eyes shut or not and ears pluged and pulled tight... welcome to what you voted for. LIBERAL DEM. NOT an indep. voice. Noway...NEVER WAS....
Now do you suppose we can serious!
Anonymous said…
5:59 "Prairie dogs come off the public land."

You don't say.

Imagine that, wildlife coming from nature. Who knew? The way you're talking, you'd think the Democrats were raising them out in California and dumping them over your fence just to ruin your day.

1. No I don't work for Stephanie and
2. No I'm not the same person as 3:12.

Listen bud, you're competition is the elements. If you can't cut it where you live, move. That's what other business people have to do when their plans don't work out. Blaming the government for your problems is unconscionable. If it wasn't for the government, "your" land would still belong to the decendants of Crazy Horse, and the dogs, buffs, coyotes and rattlers would be doing just fine without you, your fences, your can't-cut-it-without help cattle, your brother, your ex-sister in-law and all your combined pissing and moaning.

Living off the land. My ass.
PP said…
4:38, if I recall, I was the person who pointed out how the Wikipedia stuff on Herseth was nonsense, and what the source of it was.

And I noted that my source was an e-mail. and that it was "supposedly" I had it on good authority, not in writing.

I do protect my sources, otherwise, they wouldn't be my sources.
Carnivore said…



……Ad nauseum

Just a few.

How many is enough?
Who is next?

Prairie dogs aren’t the problem.
Herseth isn’t the problem.

GOP – Gang of Psychopaths.

That’s the problem.

PP: apologist, enabler.
Gina Score died 10 yrs ago July.
Who went to prison, Pat?
Do you remember how Klaudt was tied to it?

Under God the People Rule.

Take shelter…..immediately.
Incoming….GOP = WMD

A Carnivore opinion.
Anonymous said…
612 Poster

That is not what the poster was stating about p dogs. The fight is on because of the contant battle trying to contain something on the other side of the fence
"p dogs", that people seemed more in line with that feeding the people "beef".
It needs to be scienced based and not PETA based. You can feed more people with 1 beef than what a few p dogs do to the ground.
Don't get me wrong and some people will scream at this I think the P dogs are "cute", however common sense needs to be applied here.

This is not a dumb question becasue i really don't know and right now i am nt going to look it up but, how many pups on an average comes in a litter? That is a question worth looking at then multiply it X's hundreds then i would think you might understand another point to the problem with p dogs.
OR: they could capture all or a big chunk of those p dogs and let em lose in the city parks at night then look out in the morning. Who would be complaning thin????
Anonymous said…
well, my last post above goes to show I can't type or check spelling!!
Anonymous said…
7:36 and 39. That's ok, I could read it. It's a blog, not a term paper. Thanks for your thoughts. I know what you're saying. I'm just jerkin' that other persons chain, for other (political and social) reasons.

I'm just showing him?her? what it feels like when you get on this thing and start ripping on someone when, bottom line you have no idea what you're talking about. (See post 8:31).
Anonymous said…
Sorry, make that 8:54. 8:31 was me (7:55 today).
Anonymous said…
Maybe she's just earning her Girl Scout badge on global warming! (Taken from the topic title "scouting for ice caps.")

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