Rep. Hennies in Hospital. And thanks computer guys. Kind of.

As mentioned in today's Rapid City Journal, Representative Tom Hennies apparently spent part of the week in St. Mary's Hospital in Pierre:
Rep. Tom Hennies, R-Rapid City, spent the past couple of days in the Pierre hospital, but that didn’t stop him from keeping up with the work of the Legislature. Hennies was admitted to St. Mary’s Health Care Center on Tuesday night after experiencing bouts of “sweats and chills” while on the way to a meeting. He said that other legislators, among them Rep. Kathy Miles, D-Sioux Falls, who is a nurse, told him he should go to the hospital.

“I had double pneumonia,” Hennies said Friday by telephone as he prepared to catch a ride to Rapid City with Rep. Ed McLaughlin, R-Rapid City. “But I’m doing good.”

Because of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease last year in Rapid City, Hennies also asked to be tested for that and is awaiting the results.
We certainly hope Representative Hennies, who is term limited out this year is feeling on the mend this next week. Consider this our get well soon card.

Not to speak poorly of the ill, but I have to take issue with one of the statements he made in the article:
Meanwhile, Hennies was concerned about missing the final days of the 2006 session of the Legislature. That’s when a state Republican Party staff member, who knew people at the hospital, asked that Hennies’ computer be set up so he could keep up with things online.

“They were great,” Hennies said. “The hospital geeks were kind enough to fix it up.”
Read the whole article here.

"Hospital Geeks?" Ugh. Why do otherwise intelligent people think that's an endearing term? I know a member or two of the computer staff down there, and they're the type of people who would bend over backwards for a stranger. In fact, I have a co-worker who's computer is on the fritz, and one of the so-called "hospital geeks" is giving me one to replace it. (Hint: In the future, Computer Staff is probably the preferred terminology.)

Signed, PP the political geek.


Anonymous said…
How has Hennies lasted this long? He is so crude and crass that he is an embarrassment to Rapid City. Last week, he said he would kill Bill Napoli and he said the same of Gordon Howie. He says he was kidding, "sort of," but Tom is just unstable enough to make me wary.

I am also concerned because Tom excused himself from each of the Sex Offender Bills that came before the Legislature, this man has real problems. He is now refusing to vote on bills he has vociferously opposed in the past. Maybe the hospital could replace his spine while he's there.
Unknown said…
Anonymous, can you give me the context in which Hennies threatened to kill Howie and Napoli?

I don't doubt you, but I heard nothing of it. Just curious.

Anonymous said…

Here is the link to the story of Hennies' threats to kill other legislators.
Unknown said…
Cool. Thanks.

I rarely read the paper. If it's important, Gary Ellenbolt will tell me.
PP said…
Tom isn't the only one who uses the term Computer Geek, but when you try to use it in an endearing way, it just doesn't work.

It would be like using a porcine term in trying to endear yourself to a police officer.
Anonymous said…
Does St. Marys Hospital have a mental ward? Anyone wanting to "kill" his fellow lawmakers should be checked in! No kidding.
Anonymous said…
PP, did Hennies really recuse himself from voting on 5 sex offender bills? I see that on at least SB 148, 149, and 150, he was not marked absent, but was marked "excused".

what does that mean?
cp said…
You people have no sense of humor!
Anonymous said…
You people have no sense of humor! I read the thing in the Journal and it was a RIOT!
Anonymous said…
Hennies lead the fight against JAIL and testified at both committee hearings.

He's profound when he needs to be. But everyone's capable of foot-in-mouth disease
Anonymous said…
Hennies was right on JAIL.

How much of Branson's plans have you read about? Have you read what Branson plans to do if the amendment passes?

He and his JAILers from all over the nation are going to "purposely drive to South Dakota...just for the privilege of getting a traffic ticket so you can demand a jury trial. I anticipate traffic courts to be among the first courts to all but totally close..."

Read it here:

This is not about judicial accountability. This is about Branson's conspiracy theories and his plans to shut down the South Dakota courts with his little JAILers from all over the country coming here to SUE OUR JUDGES.
Anonymous said…
Hennies is right about JAIL, and every elected official in the state agrees with him. JAIL is a whacked out amendment and it will be far worse that the system we have now. Elections of Judges are still intact (thanks to the defeat of amendment a in 2004) and there is no need for JAIL. However, Hennies is very wrong about protecting sex offenders and he should be ashamed of himself.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know why Hennies abstained from 5 sex offender bills? He was marked present, but was excused from voting? He was very much against the sex offender registry in 2000 and 2001.

Seems that he is no longer interested in standing on his principles. I can't believe that he would actually run against Sam Kookier. That would be a big mistake. Hennies will get his clock cleaned.

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