Bill Stegmeier resigns his two star commission, but vows to say in the battle

I had this e-mail sent to me by a reader who recieved it, and I'm very appreciative.

I'm going to reserve comment for after you have a chance for the JAIL point of view. So, Read it.

Subject:My resignation from J.A.I.L.
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:30:21 -0600
From: Bill Stegmeier

Dear Friends and South Dakota Judicial Accountability supporters:

I have resigned from Jail4Judges as of today.

I have NOT resigned from the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Amendment cause (which will now be known as simply "Amendment E"). In fact, I am more determined than ever.

Our opposition has latched onto what they probably think is the "Achilles heal" of Amendment E, that being the dishonest assertion that Amendment E is being forced on South Dakota by a bunch of wacko Californians known as "Jail4Judges". This has to change, and it will beginning with my resignation.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this. I as well as several others tried to convince Ron Branson to help derail the negative publicity concerning the oppositions use of the "it's an out of state group trying to destroy our judicial system" lie, and to publicly acknowledge that South Dakota and it's Amendment E were off to a good start and that Jail4Judges would now be moving on to help other promising states achieve judicial accountability. Ron Branson was unable to see the absolute necessity for doing this.

Bonnie Russell, our new campaign strategist, put it this way: Amendment E was Ron's baby. It has made it through kindergarten and is now in first grade. The teacher would like Ron to stop coming to class with his kid.
The following is my letter of resignation:
Official Website
P.O. Box 412
for the 2006 Tea, SD 57064
South Dakota Phone 605-231-1418

Amendment E

Judicial Accountability, not Judicial Immunity

March 21, 2006

Mr. Ron Branson

Dear Ron:

I am hereby tendering my resignation to Jail4Judges, effective immediately.

I regret having to put my resignation in writing. I had hoped that you understood my intentions of ending my affiliation with Jail4Judges when we met March 12th at Irvine, CA. Please accept my apology for not being clearer at that meeting.

After much soul searching, I have come to realize the absolute necessity that I sever all ties to your Jail4Judges organization.

The explanation for my departure from Jail4Judges is as follows:

Now that Amendment E is on the ballot, it is imperative that I devote as much of my time and effort toward the positive promotion of Amendment E. But instead of that, I have been forced to spend an inordinate amount of time opposing the opposition's contention that Amendment E is nothing more than a "sinister plot" to destroy the judicial system of South Dakota, hatched and pushed by a group from California, who the opposition claims "hates all government".

While the "Judicial Accountability Initiative Law" model was your brainchild Ron, South Dakota Amendment E will not succeed if the opposition is allowed to continue to assert that it is you and your Jail4Judges organization that is behind and actively promoting the amendment. For Amendment E to succeed it must be known for what it is; an effort put forth by South Dakotans for South Dakota.

I want to thank you for your help in getting Amendment E on the ballot here in South Dakota, and I especially want to thank you for authoring the original generic Judicial Accountability Amendment model which we used here in South Dakota to create Amendment E. It was no less than invaluable.

Please keep up to date with the campaign's progress at , and we hope to see you and Barbie next November for our victory celebration on the steps of the South Dakota Capitol building.

Best Wishes,
Bill Stegmeier
Sponsor, South Dakota Amendment E
On a brighter note: A lot of positive things are in the works. I will briefly list a few now and will cover them in detail a little later:

1. As I mentioned above, we have hired Bonnie Russell, a nationally know campaign strategist, to help construct our "message" and to effectively get it out.

2. Our new flyer will be out soon, and we have come up with a few unique ideas on how to get them out to the voters.

3. We will be coming out with large magnetic car door signs that will say something like "Judges are NOT above the law" Visit or "Judicial Accountability, It's the American Way" Visit or "Learn the truth about South Dakota judges" Visit www.AmendmentE

Let me know your ideas!

4. We are planning "town hall" type meetings for this summer and fall. We will host the events in at least the top ten cities in South Dakota. The local state legislators and all other opposition will be invited to debate the issue. Should be a lot of fun to get these guys in front of a crowd so they can explain why they don't want to hold judges accountable for misconduct.

5. We are presently constructing ten 4'x8' mini-billboards, which will be placed along the interstates and other high traffic areas. My current idea is that they will say basically what the magnetic car door signs say. Let me know your ideas!

(Note: A month before the election we will change the car door signs and the mini-billboards to simply "Vote yes on E")

Bill Stegmeier
South Dakota Judicial Accountability
Oh.... Where do I start, where do I start?.....

I think the letter above from bill is leaving out a couple of things. First, yes, I can agree that it's entirely possible that Bill Stegemeier ended his affiliation with Jail4Judges when he met with Ron Branson on March 12th at Irvine, CA.

But what was he doing out there in the first place? Well, we can get the answer to that question from the national Jail4Judges website:
J.A.I.L. Given a Time Slot for Saturday at Freedom Conference
Ron Branson, Gary Zerman, and Bill Stegmeier to speak

We just found out this afternoon from Peymon that J.A.I.L. will be given an opportunity to speak at the 2006 Health and Freedom Conference held March 10 - 12 at the Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Boulevard, Irvine, CA across from the Orange County (John Wayne) Airport. (949) 833-2770.

J.A.I.L. will be scheduled sometime on Saturday, the 11th, time not certain. Ron will share the podium with Attorney Gary Zerman, and Bill Stegmeier with a report on the South Dakota J.A.I.L. campaign.

We apologize for the late notice, however we were just notified this afternoon. Ron will look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Conference. He will be at the J.A.I.L. table for the entire Conference.
And just what was that fun little conference Bill attended earlier this month all about? Well SDWC readers, check it out here.

Can you imagine it? THREE FUN FILLED DAYS with Two-Star Jailer Bill Stegmeier from the SD JAIL effort accompanying Five Star Jailer-in-Chief Ron Branson to conferences on "Is the Income Tax based on Fraud?", "What Really happened on 9/11?", "Can you live FREE of IRS fear and tyranny?", "how the banker and corporate-controlled media do not reveal the truth and how they affect your rights, property and freedom", "Is the One-World Government Coming??", "Are Vaccines killing us slowly?", etcetera and so on.

By the second day, I can easily imagine how Bill would have turned to Ron and tried to delicately touch on how he wasn't sure if South Dakotans were going to understand his involvement, so they needed to maybe claify their relationship.

But the bottom line still stands. This is the genesis of where this measure comes from.

And that letter was written. That letter. The way it's coming out makes me think of how that letter might have been written in another time and place.....
Dear Dr. Frankenstein.

Although you built me out of the parts of a bunch of dead people, I'm afraid that associating with you is damaging my reputation. Don't get me wrong. I'm so, so appreciative of you efforts, but with the people flinging burning torches at the castle, I'm afraid it's a distraction from everything I want to accomplish.

To better reach the public and wrap my arms around them, I've decided to hire Igor as my publicist, and together, we hope for a new beginning where people will accept me as one of their own, and welcome me into their homes.

The Monster
Did I miss any part of the explanation in my little parable? Because the author of the measure, Californian Ron Branson, is dragging down the Jail-4-Judges effort in South Dakota, they're throwing him from the train. To better focus the measure on being associated with South Dakota, they've gone ahead and hired California publicist Bonnie Russell as their campaign strategist.

This is a very simple concept. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, you can't put a cute pair of bunny ears on it and expect people to call it a rabbit.

This measure was written by Ron Branson from California. It was targeted by this group specifically at South Dakota because of our initiated measure laws and small population. Now that Bill Stegmeier is taking notice that South Dakotans don't like being used as lab rats in a grand social experiment, he's not going to get off easy by disavowing the California author, hiring a publicist and saying "It's all about South Dakota now!" Sorry, that's just "California Dreamin'"

Ugh. This is really getting pathetic.

Honestly, it's getting to the point that if there were a paid J.A.I.L. opposition campaign position, I would jump at the chance to go on the road to beat the absolute hell out of this measure from now until November.

But then again, why would someone pay when we can all watch it continue to implode for free?


Nicholas Nemec said…
Bonnie Russell=Igor

That's funny. I almost blew corn flakes out my nose when I read it.

Every wacky idea in the universe must have been represented at that conference. Bill Stegmeier must have wondering what he had gotten himself into.

When you shake the wacky tree there is no telling what will fall to the ground.
Anonymous said…
Judging by your lack of a comprehension skills according to your analysis and interpretation of the Bill's letter, and the obvious time on your hands to such energy on trashing a bunch of South Dakotans;I bet you would love to jump on an anti amendment E campaign...Any paying gig will do...get a clue and ACTUALLY READ the letter and develop a clear analysis, and maybe you'd get some paying clients!
mjb said…
As Bonnie whines about the coverage again.
mhs said…
Ah, yet another example of my (and PP's as well) carefully crafted anti-JAIL campaign strategy: just let 'em talk . . .

So, a more important question: who was the best monster, Karloff or Peter Boyle? Gene Wilder, hands down, was the best Dr. F.
PP said…
(That's Franken-steen.)

While Peter Boyle was great, Boris Karloff's performance is timeless.
PP said…
And anon #1, I've had plenty of paying political jobs in SD.

In fact, I've had 18 years of paying SD political jobs - a far cry more South Dakota political experience than the people involved in the JAIL effort at the moment.

So, nyeahhhh.
Anonymous said…
SDCL22-30A-25. Theft by no account check--Degrees according to amount--Aggregation of checks. Any person who, for himself or herself or as an agent or representative of another, for present consideration, with intent to defraud, passes a check drawn on a financial institution knowing at the time of such passing that neither the check passer or the check passer's principal has an account with such financial institution, is guilty of theft by no account check

Ample evidence not yet shown that Judges Arthur Rusch, Anderson, Gilbertson helped a a felon pass 1/4 million in no account checks with no prosecution.
Anonymous said…
Chief Justice of the SD Supreme Court ordered Judge Rusch recused from a case that Judge Rusch already decided.
Seems Judge Rusch can not censor a amendment e website under free speech protections.

The Chief Justice also recused any sitting judge from hearing the matter.

This happens what once in a blue moon? copy of one of the orders issued by the court.

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