About last night. And what it really means to Republicans.

I had one GOP leader e-mail me the morning to comment:
There were nine GOP Senate primaries pitting moderates vs. conservatives. Moderates lost NINE. That's 0-9. Wow.
Yeah. It's pretty incredible. Last night was a sea change in the party.

As I read the coverage this morning before I think about hopping in the shower to head back to work from my 4 hour vacation, one theme keeps coming across. The media isn't getting it. The coverage of the South Dakota media on the election seems shallow, because all we're hearing is that the election was a referendum on HB 1215. "1215! It was a Republican endorsement of 1215" they're screaming.

Well, yes. And No. Was abortion one facet of the election? Yes. But a view to protect life has been part of the Republican mantra for years. But more so is less government, lower taxes, and a good education for our kids. Last night was about Republicans embracing being a Republican. The GOP faithful didn't want to hear about how Republicans should be more like Democrats.

They didn't want to hear about Mainstream Moderates trying to blend political parties akin to the metrosexual movement trying to blend stylishness with masculinity. Nope. In South Dakota the voters wanted old fashioned conservative grassroot leadership.

People want to go back to the basics for their leadership and government. They want them to protect their rights. They want them to protect their constitutional freedoms. They want smaller government and in turn, they want to keep more of what they earn.

In other words, they want to support Republicans, and the gauntlet has been thrown down for elected officials to act like Republicans.

That's the message the media should be reporting.


feasant said…
Amen, I thought we were going to shoot one over the moderates bow. I was wrong we had a direct hit. Other candidates this should be your warning too.
Anonymous said…
You must be joking.

You want to essentially do away with government.

Yet you want society to educate all six of your kids.

Where is that money going to come from? Are you going to take the inmates from the penitentiary and put them to work as public school teachers?
Haggs said…
To me is seems like last night proved that the far right wants the Republican party to remain at the far right. It would be nice if political parties would embrace candidates that have a variety of different views and not always go for the extreme.

But, hey, I'm just an independant so what do I know?
Anonymous said…
A good education for our kids? The schools are suing the state. You championed our NAEP results because we do better than other states, but, you failed to look at the whole picture - that the majority of our nation's children are not proficient - almost 65%.

What's worse, America was 22 out of 29 developed countries.

Sure, we do good as a state. But, we can be a leader. Unleash this strong education system.
Anonymous said…
Swish, overnight the Republican Party been improved 100%
Anonymous said…
The Republican party has been improved? I thought you were just picking candidates, not excommunicating your moderates.
Anonymous said…
Excommunicating...good choice of words. Yes, God was truly out in force last night attacking the forces of evil...huh, notla.
Anonymous said…
"But more so is less government, lower taxes, and a good education for our kids."

So much so that you dedicated the last three days of blogging to Stan, his PAC, HB 1215, the MAINStream Coalition and practically everything else other than...

- less government
- lower taxes, and
- a good education for our kids.

As a consultant, you know the idea of getting on message as soon as possible. Even if it's made up.

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