Is that where the money came from?

Under my previous post detailing the candidates who got money originating from Senator Stan Adelstein's pocket, and then shuffled through two PAC's, I had this really interesting comment From Betty Olson who is running for a House seat and was one of the recipients of a $1000 check:

Betty Olson said...

This was a rather shocking post for me to read! I'm Betty Olson and it seems that I have unwittingly been funded by Stan Adelstein? I find this absolutely incredible, to say the least!!!

When Alan Hanks called to ask how my campaign was coming along, he inferred that he and members of his group wanted to assure that South Dakota continued to have strong conservative Republicans in office and wondered if I could use a $1000 to fund my rather modest campaign.

During the course of a rather lengthy conversation, I told him my negative views of both Adelstein and Hennies and praised Sam Kooiker, the very nice young man Hennies is running against. In spite of what I had said, a few days later I got a check from the Rapid City Action Committee, an organization I’d never heard of until Hanks called, and I used it to pay for campaign literature promoting my conservative, smaller government, right-to-life views. I wonder if Hanks knew where the money came from?

Now, what should I do about this? Send the money back, or use Stan’s money against his liberal agenda?

What say you?
Now, let it be known that I know Betty is a conservative, and I've heard several people in the GOP talk very highly of her. And I imagine she is shocked to know that Alan's money is coming from Stan. (Sorry about that Betty, but it's hard to leave people off a list just because I like them.)

But to respond to a few of her thoughts, whether or not Alan knew that Stan was the source of the money - it's my opinion that he absolutely had to know where it came from. They represent the same legislative district, and the money came from a PAC directly under Stan's control.

If you should be miffed at anyone, I'd be upset with Representative Hanks. Clearly, he knew your thoughts. I'd also be really interested to know if he disclosed who the other members of his group were. I suspect he did not.

If it were me, I'd consider doing a few very public things with the money, such as purchasing advertising directed against the source. But in all liklihood, you'll have to serve with him, so that probably wouldn't be a good thing.

So, my advice? Do with it whatever will serve the greatest good.


Anonymous said…
If Olson is so concerned about the origal source, she better not take any money from the state party, as Adelstein is probably the largest donor in the state.

Since that's the case, shouldn't all elected officals return the money back to the state party since there is Adelstein money included?
Anonymous said…
How much money did Rounds get?

How much money did Thune get?

How much did other legislators get?

No one asking them to send the money back.

Whats the big fuss about?
Anonymous said…
The fuss is some don't like Stan. The party likes his money. Rounds was entirely dependant on his money after the primary in 02. PP, you were there. Do you so easy forget and run over your white knight?
PP said…
Anon 3:02 - "entirely dependant on his money after the primary?" I think you need to go look at the financial reports. That was not the case.
Anonymous said…
If Betty Olson is so concerned, she better just fund her campaign completely out of her own pocket.

We all know that elected officals only accept donations from others who think exactly like they do on all the issues.
(Ya right)

Someone please tell me that Olson isn't that dense that she doesn't understand how the game is played.

That while elected officals recieve donations from lots of folks that they don't agree with 100% of the time, it doesn't mean that by accepting a donate, that they've sold out.
Anonymous said…
Elle S received about 10k from that famous RC pornography freak Doug Hamilton. His penchant is apparently beastality and Elli S. Go fiqure.

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