Mt. Blogmore reports on the Democracy in Action rally

Denise Ross over at Mt. Blogmore attended the Democracy in Action rally in Rapid City's Memorial Park and has an extensive post on it with pictures.

(Hopefully she won't mind I grabbed a couple of them with appropriate credit and links back)

I had to post the one on one of my favorite former legislators, Kay Jorgenson. Yes, Kay and I are probably on the opposite sides of a few issues, but I have to show the love and give props to a fellow auctioneer. (Take that anonymous posters who try to place me in a category). I haven't spoken with her for a year or so now, but I always found her to be warm and enjoyable. Like me, she was enlisted as auction labor for her parent's Auction company, and ended up at auctioneer school.

Speaking of Legislators, Senator Stan Adelstein joined the people at the rally supporting the defeat of HB 1215 and the defeat of the South Dakota definition of marriage amendment.

INTERESTING NEWS I've been getting ever since my big post on the Stan Adelstein PAC shuffle. (I do a big post every once in a while, and then phone it in for a few weeks until I get a wild hair for another one).

I'm being told that the news of who got what is spreading like wildfire - especially the money he funneled into the People PAC being run by Jan Nicolay. I had someone comment tonight that the election in Watertown was rather boring until the news on "PACaSTAN" (I love that buzzword. It's hilarious.) . Now it might be a last minute issue that hurts the recipients.

And before some people get whipped into an unruly frenzy, let it be said that what he's doing is completely legal with shifting money between PACS to candidates. The question that we all need to ask and judge for ourselves - Do we think it's right? And that question is best left up to the voters.


Unknown said…
What most of us think is that "The Last Caucus" gang (inside joke; you have to have been watching closely over the past few months) crossed the line with 1215. Adelstein is not a good legislator, but whatever he does to unelect folks like Greenfield, Hunt, et. al. is fine with me.
Anonymous said…
Hasn't anyone told Stan that the skunk stripe in his beard looks like a skunk stripe? Either get rid of the beard or color the hair.
Anonymous said…
who said:

"The purpose of promoting birth control is to create a race of thoroughbreds"
"More children from the fit and less from the unfit"
"The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of it's infant members is to kill it"

Margaret Sangar Founder of Planned parenthood.
Anonymous said…
Anyone that takes money from the Stan "Skunk" will come out smelling like a skunk. Noem, Nelson Holbeck and Konold will carry skunk smell for a long time and not to be forgotten! My vote will be, Stormo for the House and Greenfield for Senate. Refuse to cast a vote for Noem or Nelson.
Anonymous said…
One more from Sangar.
"We do not want it to get that we want to exterminate the Negro population".
"A Social History of Womens rights."

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