On election Eve - KELO investigates.... Electronic Voting. Zzzzzzz.

So much for issues that anyone cares about. On the eve of the election, KELO investigates the scourge of our society - pokey voting machines:

AutoMARK: Time-Consuming Voting Technology?

They were designed to make voting easier, but now, many of South Dakota's electronic voting machines are being under-used. It sounds easy, you pick up a ballot, press a couple of buttons and drop your finished ballot in the box. But many voters say the machines take a lot longer than the traditional method.

Read it all here, unless you have to avert your eyes. This story may upset small children and people with weak constitutions.


Anonymous said…
I used one today. Won't again unless I bring my ipod to pass the time. So slow its a joke. Get Chris Nelson on this problem!
Anonymous said…
These things are beyond ridiculous
Anonymous said…
The old pencil and ballot is the only way! I haven't forgotten Florida voting machines.
Anonymous said…
These machines and the ease of there use will be Chris Nelson's lauch to the Governors Mansion is 2010. His deputy will the be secretary of State. Lance Russell will be AG. Larry Russell will take out Herseth or have beaten Johnson in 08 and my head will explode!
Anonymous said…
These machines were purchased because of the requirements of the Help America Vote Act. They are there for use by people who cannot grip that nice fat number two pencil, read the paper ballot and fill in the oval. The fact that people who do not NEED to use the machines find them inconvenient rings a bit more than hollow.

It's rather like complaining that using a wheelchair is more difficult than simply walking or reading braille type is much more inconvenient than reading the printed word.

I'll bet the people who need to use the ballot marking machines find them kind of helpful.

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