This one is sure to cause a firestorm in the blogosphere.

Or not. Kevin Woster's article in today's Rapid City Journal on his political affiliation and those of his colleagues was an interesting read. Unlike others who are going to read it with righteous indignation and accusatory statements about the slant of the paper, I read it and it gave me a chuckle, and I'm not inferring anything into it.
Some reporters feel like we must register as Independent to avoid the appearance of party bias. We all have our hang-ups, I guess, but that is not one of mine.

In truth, I'm no more Republican than I am Democrat. I like my Republican registration mainly because it means I get party mailings, telephone surveys and other contacts that are often useful in political coverage.

So, how do I know what the Democrats are up to? In my experience, there's never a shortage of those contacts among newsroom staffers.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
Who cares! All we want from those people is a truthful report with out the personal bias creeping, or leaping, in.

Some genuine, unbiased, investigative reporting might be nice, even occasionally. But I'm not sure they have someone on staff that does that sort of thing.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, adelstein is a registered Republican, too. so what??
Anonymous said…
Yes, There's good reporting at SDWC. It's up to you, PP.

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