Latterell on his victory over Sutton

Scott Waltman with the Aberdeen American News has the story this morning on Isaac Latterell's surprise victory over Duane Sutton:

Latterell of Aberdeen said he didn't know what to expect heading into the election but had a feeling something good would happen. He was somewhat surprised to defeat a veteran like Sutton, but would also have been content had he lost.

A strong pro-life stance helped him in a close election, Latterell said.

Sutton, also of Aberdeen, served a total of eight years in the House and Senate. He agreed that abortion was an important topic in the race. A member of a statewide group of moderate Republicans, Sutton voted against the abortion ban passed by state lawmakers during this year's legislative session.

In Brown County, Sutton had 500 votes, Latterell, 483. But Latterell had 130 votes in McPherson County to Sutton's 66.

Latterell said he had a lot of supporters and volunteers helping him in McPherson County. He also said Sutton is to be thanked for his years of service to the state.

"He ran a good race and that's the way politics works," Sutton said of Latterell.

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