There's a momentary lull in the storm as I mark having passed 1000 posts several posts back.

Whew - a lull in the action.

I'm already at over 750 visitors today as I pass my 1000th post. Things are slowing down east river and starting to pick up west river.

Lots of nail biting as the west river results come in. Lots of suprises tonight. Who would have thought we'd turn out 2 incumbents East River? There's lots of races I'm pleasantly suprised about, one I'm physically sick about losing, and lots of curious quirks.

I thought tonight might be the night of the incumbent, but it's looking like it's the night of the conservative newcomer. Hauge turned out Kooistra. Lattrell turned out Sutton, Arnold turned out Konold - I don't know that anyone would have predicted those. But here it is.

And as the results from West River start cranking up in full force - stay tuned.

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