*I got mentioned* SDWC cited in newspaper report, but they left off the URL

Bob Mercer showed the South Dakota War College the love towards the end of a huge article in yesterday's Mitchell Daily Republic. Except - instead of citing the name or URL of this little mess of mine on the internet, I was cited personally for having comments from State Senate President Pro Tempore Lee Schoenbeck's thoughts on the races.

(I'll take the mention, but don't forget http://dakotawarcollege.blogspot.com )

Signed, "shameless publicity whore" PP


Anonymous said…
Lee S. is never going to be governor. He can keep trying for the next 4 years but it isn't going to happen.
Anonymous said…
Didn't he get run out of Sissiton for a fist fight with a high schooler?
Anonymous said…
Wan't a fist fight, he just slapped a mouthy teenage in the street. For some reason that escapes me, this probably helps Lee in a state wide race. Hell, we killed a 14 year old in Plankington and nobody paid a political price for that so what's a little slap.
Anonymous said…
PP, on a hunch I googled Pat Powers. Came up with a volleyball player, forest products, baseball player, businessman... but no blog.

Typed in Pat Powers blog, got a hit, Rev Pat Powers, you've been exposed!
Anonymous said…
Are you related to Austin Powers?
PP said…

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