Bartling wins.- District 26 State Senate is done.

Pro-life Democrat Julie Bartling won handily over her pro-choice opponent(s)

(D) BARTLING JULIE 585 47 29 29
(D) SIMPSON JOHN 379 30 29 29
(D) WRIGHT SHERMAN 279 22 29 29
What's with the elections tonight? These results keep pointing to conservative momentum (at least at the moment) when there's been a distinct difference between a conservative candidate and a moderate/liberal candidate.

Lots of results yet to come.


PP said…
Hey - what happened to the beg button? I need to buy some shoes for the children.
Anonymous said…
that's supposed to read Mrs. PP for the comment above !
Douglas said…
Sad that in your begging situation you are still Republican; or is this just more "welfare" for the rich?

I might have to get a paypal account and kick in a few cents anyway. PP may be Republican all the way, but interesting to read and usually a service despite his party affiliation.

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