Dang, I kind of like that. New advertiser with a cool Flash animated ad

I got a new advertiser!

Bruce Whalen has placed an ad for his Congressional Campaign, and I have to say it's pretty nice. I wasn't sure that a flash animated ad would work, but I guess it will. I might have to try that myself, because it looks great.

I think that brings me up to about 6 paying advertisers. And I thank you all for your support.

And before you say it (as one of my commenters did), I pimped for Republicans long before any of them had placed an ad. It doesn't flavor my comments. And I will take advertising from Democrats and others as well. In fact, one is a Democratic candidate.

I have another ad I think I'm finally going to 'conditionally allow,' but I need to send it's sponsor a note. It's been one to noodle on, but I don't want to let my personal prejudices get in the way.

If you're thinking about it, I get plenty of traffic from people on both sides of the aisle, so it's not the worst place in the world to advertise. I'm already up to 700 visitors a day (4140 so far this week), so it's not the worst buy in the world. I get more traffic than many small newspapers, and it's very politically oriented.

Hopefully, I can turn some of the revenues back into more advertising, as I'd like to continue to spread the fame (or infamy, if you will).

So thank you readers, and thanks to the advertisers. I couldn't do it without you.


Anonymous said…
How much does an ad like Whalen's run per month?
PP said…
If you're interested, e-mail me personally at dakotawarcollege@yahoo.com and we can talk.

Anonymous said…
I assume the ad is using the bulk of what Whalen has in the bank. That and the pencils at the state fair should pretty much break him.

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