Scrapping the cartoon, but keeping the dream alive.

After a night of struggling with it, I'm abandoning the "Party Official" cartoon idea for the moment. I don't have the time to learn a new program, as much as I'd like to. Besides, it wasn't storyboarding out very well, and this stuff has to be timely or timeless.

But, I am keeping my dream of multi-media political animation alive with two other cartoons.

Lacking a team of animators, these photo-realistic cartoon parodies are literally going to take a month or two, but as mentioned, they need to be them topical. Which means that ballot initiatives are going to be the best thing to go with. The issues remain fairly static, so if I start on something, I won't have to change mid-stream.

My first one, featuring the spokesman for Amendment E already has the title and I've already got him knocking on the desk and moving his jaw (not that anything intelligent is coming out yet).

I suspect you might see appearances by Jakes Hanes, Ron Branson, black helicopters, etcetera.

The other one I've gotten started is a fictional debate parody between Leslee Unruh and Kate Looby.

I have to redo this one already to make the their mouths move for speaking, but it looks to be a pretty promising concept.

I'm hoping I'll have time to finish them both before the election, but as said, this stuff is time consuming. I'm more familiar with this program than I was Toon Boom, but there's still an uphill learning curve on some parts.

I'll keep plugging along on it, and if I get to a point where I can show you something more, I'll post it.

This all might seem goofy and self-indulgent, but I have a few ideas for an ongoing series of webtoons. It might not see the light of day for a year or two, and even then it might be a bit too pointed and skewering of sacred political cows in South Dakota. But you've got to start somewhere, eh? If I ever got to that point, I'd probably have to collaborate with someone better at animating than I, as I'd want to get those things out every two weeks.

Anyway, Until then, keep reading and BTW - thanks for your patronage! I just hit 101,000+ visitors with over 219,000 hits.


Anonymous said…
you've got way too much time on your hands
Anonymous said…
Why don't you put Leslee Unruh's husband, Allen Unruh, together with Stegmeier? PP - You always seem to hold Leslee in high regard but don't recognize her marriage to a very outspoken supporter of JAIL.
Anonymous said…
Allen Unruh supports JAIL? Can we assume than the Leslee does under the guilt by association idea? Can someone ask her and get her on the record? Help, Help, this is to nutty to be true.
Anonymous said…
To see some of Dr. Allen Unruh's J.A.I.L. propoganda go to
Anonymous said…
Dr. Unruh was very vocal in support of J.A.I.L., vowing to use it to jail any judge that upholds Roe or rules against things like HB 1215.

With the passage of J.A.I.L., Unruh makes the dire prediction that "South Dakota will be the first to challenge Roe v. Wade, to throw judges in jail if they violate the Constitution. There will be a grand jury if they legislate from the bench."

And that's why SD will be the first state in the nation to hold judges accountable only when they violate the constitution by over-ruling state referendums and/or legislation passed by elected officials.

Sioux Falls chiropractor Allen Unruh said the proposal comes at a time when citizens throughout the nation are rebelling against activist judges.

"I think there is a great uproar in this country against judges who are usurping legislative authority and legislating from the bench," Unruh said. "I think this is an idea whose time has come."

He was listed on the official endorsement page of

Then, suddenly, in March his name was gone and he has not said a single word about J.A.I.L. that I know.

Clean Cut Kid did a whole effort at trying to figure out what happened: did J.A.I.L. throw him out or did he run out? No answer ever came.

Sorry to mention another blog on your blog PP, but I have to give credit where it is due.
Anonymous said…
So has anyone asked Leslee her opinion on that? SD voters deserve to know if some kook (she's a kook) is leading the charge in support of 1215. If she is, shouldn't Brock and the rest get her out? PP, we all beat up on the JAILers, but she gets a free pass???????
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure who the lady on the right is, but in the words of some famous geeks "I like your sleeves" and "I like her bangs"

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