Ron Whites pulls out of District 6 House Race is reporting tonight that Democrat Ron Whites is pulling out of the District 6 House Race:
Ron Whites of Iroquois said Tuesday he has taken his name off the list of legislative candidates.

Whites said he made the decisions because of concerns about time away from his business. He had filed petitions for one of the two House seats from District 6, which includes Clark, Hamlin and Kingsbury counties, as well as rural Codington County and the eastern part of Beadle County.

Democratic Party central committees from those counties have a chance to choose a ballot replacement for Whites. The deadline for filling the slot is Aug. 8, state Election Supervisor Kea Warne said.
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Michael Schumacher said…
I didn't even know "Tater Salad" was running in South Dakota.
Politics_101 said…
Hey PP and everyone

REPUBLICANS more then likely officially have District 6 won.

Ron Whites, dropped out,
Jason Soren, pending replacement
Ron Foster, Pending replacement

i've heard from both jason and ron that they are pending replacements

but who will step up to the challenge????

No one.

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