Justice At Stake: JAIL omits 60% of their Donors from finance report

The Internet Website/Newsletter Justice at Stake broke a little bit of a story on their internet Newsletter: Eyes on Justice. They're reporting that the South Dakota Judicial Accountability group is not disclosing all of their donors.
Will J.A.I.L. Cover Its Paper Trail?

Disclosure time in South Dakota is turning into a headache for the local “J.A.I.L. 4 Judges” campaign, which wants to create a fourth branch of government to hound judges and other public servants who decide contested cases until they’re not independent or accountable. J.A.I.L.’s backers flouted South Dakota law, submitting an incomplete filing, refusing to disclose where their major donors work, and concealing the addresses of more than half their contributors. Even more curious, the filing makes no mention of more than 60 percent of the donors they claimed earlier this year. Among the omissions: money donated by Ron Branson, J.A.I.L.’s “Five-Star National Commander-in-Chief.” Perhaps J.A.I.L.’s backers are trying to hide their lack of South Dakota support: 99 percent of the money donated from South Dakotans came from one man, organizer William Stegmeier (who calls September 11 a “hoax”).

Download J.A.I.L.’s Campaign Finance Report [PDF]
Oooo. Go read it and another article on JAIL here. Are they trying to tell us that the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Group might not actually be telling South Dakotans the truth? Well, ok, so we're used to that.

But this time, it's on a report that might have some legal ramifications for them. In other words, JAIL might be breaking the law.

In addition, I noticed something else that's not kosher. On the report they list the following donor:

"The Real Conservative" is a South Dakota PAC, and is required to be listed on that part of the form. Not on the main part of schedule A. It goes right there on part 2 of schedule A. (Just trying to help).

I also found a few more people of dubious pedigree on the form as well. A tax protester who had spirited his child away to the Balkans in the midst of a child custody dispute, and more than one person who has spent time in prison.

Speaking of which, in a break with tradition of not having a South Dakota example of where JAIL would apply, Bill Stegmeier held out one of the Donors, Gene Lodermeier, as the response to my posing that oft-repeated question.

Over at the "South Dakota Politics and Elections Blog" there got to be a bit of discussion where I reiterated the fact that they can't hold up one case for South Dakotans to look at. And here's what Bill Stegmeier held out in response:
Call Gene Lodermeier at 605-261-3459. He will be happy to give you a stack of affidavits, thick enough to choke a horse, which were not allowed by our courts as testimony, resulting in Gene spending some fourteen years on the Hill for a crime he could have proven he didn’t do. He’s your judicial unaccountability poster child, that is if your’re sincere enough to look into it.
Gene Lodermeier's history with the State of South Dakota is not undocumented. Again, and again. As Tim Gebhart from A Progressive on the Prairie notes, it's not the first time that JAIL is invoking convicted felons:

Last October, Ron Branson, the founder of J.A.I.L., gave credit to Gene V. Lodermeier for a letter to the editor Lodermeier wrote supporting J.A.I.L. Branson said he intended to "look him up and give him our thanks and find out his knowledge and experiences with the courts." And although the local J.A.I.L.ers cleaned their original web site after claiming to break with Branson, Lodermeier's letter is still cited and linked there.

For those who may not know, Lodermeier has plenty of experience with the federal and state court system. He received a lengthy sentence in the South Dakota State Penitentiary, including time for being a "habitual offender." In addition to appealing his conviction, Lodermeier filed a state habeas corpus action in which he raised 107 issues. At the time he was sentenced, Lodermeier had a 20-year criminal history and there was information that, among other things, he had been involved in his wife's disappearance, was a suspect in the pipe-bombing of a police officer's car and his history included "tampering with evidence, perjury, federal conviction, nascent plot to kill witnesses and past destruction of private property."

More recently, Jail4Judges modified the front page of its web site to note, "Citizens of South Dakota have expressed outrage at the corruption they see in their state." Clicking on the hyperlink for "expressed outrage" we find a letter to Branson expressing "Personal Support for J.A.I.L. Amendment." The letter writer informs Branson he has had "several correspondences [sic] with Bill Stegmeier of tea, SD, regarding J.A.I.L. and the quest to complete a most successful win this November, (Amendment E)" and says he "will have made a big difference in the number of votes for Amendment E." How is he making this difference?
I tell everyone every day to inform their friends and family to vote YES on the Amendment E. I have on my bulletin board every article published in the local newspapers referencing J.A.I.L. and the opposition to the same. I spend all my free time writing to the JUDGES and prosecutors about the movement and its necessity.
(Emphasis in original).

Who is this South Dakota supporter? Jim Lawrence, another inmate at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. And what does Lawrence see as his greatest selling point? "Imagine the publicity your organization could promulgate through the utilization of an inmate protesting his judicial misconduct while incarcerated."

Yes, a couple of excellent poster children for J.A.I.L.: convicted felons who shouldn't be on the street but think they should be.
"J.A.I.L., breaking the law, and the people who support it." It seems from the track record of several of those supporting it, all three go hand in hand.


scimitar said…
Gene Lodermeier would make a good target for the Attorney General's cold case squad. His wife disappeared without a trace many years ago and has never been seen since. Law enforcement has long suspected that Gene did away with her, but the case went cold. Time to pull that box off the shelf.

Not hard to believe he joined the JAIL group of misfits and malcontents.
Anonymous said…
PP - Have you been able to find out if Leslee Unruh supports JAIL like her husband, Dr. Allen Unruh? Inquiring minds want to know.f
PP said…
(Actually, I haven't asked around.)

As far as I can tell, Allen backed way the heck off on JAIL after they got on the ballot. That article floating around was done before.

Its not like I was going to chase Allen and Leslee down and ask about JAIL at the GOP convention (where I saw them last).

When I did run into them there, I was seeking out Brock Greenfield to partake in a cold beverage with me, and I ended up getting 5-10 minutes on HB1215 with Leslee without blinking.

Like I was going to crank up a debate on JAIL at that point? All I wanted was just a frosty Mug.
Anonymous said…
Someone ask Leslee please. I want to know. If so, they should get her out of there. She and her husband need to move to Idaho.

ps-I'll send you a twelve pack of suds pp if you can get Leslee on the record disavowing (sp) JAIL.
mhs said…
quit whining, P. Ever get a talking to from Kitty Werthman in her broken, German-accented, P.O.'d at the world twang? Leslie's a treat by comparison
Anonymous said…
Hey, I hope the cold case unit does open the case on Gene Lodermeier's wife's disappearance (and also reads all the polygraphs he has passed about her disappearance - which you and the police have failed to mention). Then you and other uninformed fools will find out that Det. Allen Fields' affidavit and other law enforcement have provided Lodermeier, the Sioux Falls Police Dept. and Attorney General's Office with overwhelming evidence that Lodermeier had nothing to do with his wife's disappearance and that there never has been any evidence whatsoever to support that pathetic lie. You or nobody else can provide any proof whatsoever of the lie that he did anything to his wife.
You should also know that Lodermeier has obtained plenty of evidence aside from what Det. Fields' has uncovered showing the investigation into his wife's disappearance was a fraud (being that has been common knowledge for years). In fact, there is abundant evidence that a detective Gene's wife worked with at the S.F. Police Dept. was directly involved in her disappearance and he himself (the detective) did the fraudulent investigation into his own crime (this is well documented). Police officers admit that they didn't even look at the investigator's reports to see all the lies contained therein, they just believed the falsified reports were legitimate. Det. Fields' got the opportunity and did read the fraudulent reports and then decided he would find the truth.
For your information there is also mountains of evidence that both of Lodermeier's convictions (federal and SD state) were obtained by perjured testimony by law enforcement who lied to frame him because they thought he had done something to his wife. If you really want to know the truth (instead of telling lies) contact Lodermeier and view his extensive evidence of corruption, the affidavits of witnesses revealing Det. Prince, Det. Folkerts', Det. Karl Edmunds perjury at trial, threatening witnesses, falsifying evidence, withholding evidence from the jury, and other crimes. All with the total cooperation and assistance of Judge R.D. Hurd, Prosecutor James Iosty (another documented liar - see Fields' affidavit) and Lodermeier's dumb lazy trial attorney. All this is documented and supported by evidence, unlike your false accusations and baseless assumptions.
It is amazing that anyone trying to oppose Amendment E would be stupid enough to even mention Gene Lodermeier's fraudulent conviction because anyone with an IQ near room temperature knows that hundreds of voters already have knowledge of how corrupt his case was and how his evidence made a jackass out of South Dakota's dirty court system at every level. Not to mention how his numerous supporters' large newspaper article in a dozen newspapers in SD and other states exposed the slime at every level of the SD court system and the worthless SD State Bar for doing nothing about it (as usual). It is equally foolish to mention Lodermeier's case because the dozens of witnesses he has obtained testimony from, and his solid and undeniable evidence is the cornerstone of Amendment E and why judicial immunity cannot be left unmonitored. I dare anyone to foolishly try to refute his many boxes of evidence like the corrupt SD court system has. From now on you liars about Amendment E should get the facts and truth before you slander and libel a man that has proven beyond doubt how corrupt the SD court system has been operating for years and how dumb you are for denying it. Why do you think California newspapers printed that article about the well-proven corruption in the Lodermeier case?
You opponets of Amendment E should ask yourself why you are working so hard at lying to the public about our dirty courts and affect on the court system? Most of them already know SD is rated the 7th most corrupt court system in the nation. You lie about Amendment E because you have no other defense against it. You lie to yourself and others because you are so afraid of the truth.
Your constant lies is what convinced many of us that Amendment E has to be good for SD if dirty politicians, dumb lawyers, and idiots are against it. Good people want to improve things and you tell lie after lie about the Amendment and people far better than you to keep SD courts a national disgrace. Shame on you.
You truly are pathetic.
PP said…
Then why are you posting anonymously?

And for that matter, Isn't everyone who ever went to the pen innocent?
Wild Bill said…
I believe Gene Lodermeier is innocent. I also believe in the tooth fairy, little green men from outer space, the Easter Bunny, the New World Order, the Constitution as interpreted by that great scholar Ron Branson, the moon is made of cheese, the earth is flat, and that Bill Stegmeier is not a tool and a useful idiot. Anon, do you have some property in Florida I can buy from you too? How about producting the "mountains of evidence" from those magic boxes?

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