It's a hard knock life for bloggers...

Not that I'm going to say "this stuff is hard work" but tonight is a perfect example of some of the crazyness South Dakota bloggers go through to bring you fresh, quality content.

I got back to Pierre realtively early this evening, and set upon a project I noodled on during my trip and for some time before. I've kind of have it in my head that it would be "neat" to have some animated political cartoons al la jib jab and some of them they have at Cagle Cartoons. I'm a very multi-media oriented person, and I have considerable technical know how, so I thought I'd at least explore it.

Well, that required me to install my graphire tablet which usually sits uninstalled on the world's messiest desk, between my monitor and reference materials running the gamut from news articles to prep books for A+ certification.

Once that was done, I had to find some software, which required a download for the trial version (for Toon Boom) , and then 4 more downloads for manuals and the like...

For my idea, I have in mind is a debate/argument between two party leaders, but since my software trial is only for 15 days, I don't know if I'll get it accomplished. The script is still in my head, so that's not a big deal, but even thirty seconds involve a lot of planning and execution.

But you never know unless you try.

I didn't get much farther than a rough outline of one of the characters which I'm going to have to "cartoon up" and make more of a caricature if I want it to be as funny as it can be. I'll keep plugging along to see if I can make it happen. The key for me is that making a thoughtful point isn't as important as making it funny. And I mean in an outrageous over-the-top sense.

It's now midnight, and I really haven't gotten much farther that this, so I'll have to attack it later this week and see if it will work. If I continue to pursue it, I might have to just go with a comic strip just for times sake.

Regardless, just a glimpse of what bloggers go through to bring readers original content. (And a good illustration as to why many of us find it much easier to comment on the day's news.)

Good night!


Aaron Lorenzen said…
Hey PP can I get one of those WWPPD T-shirts that Lee was wearing during the convention?
Todd Epp said…

Just remind yourself that all this misery is self-inflicted.

Anonymous said…
For your caricature of Randy Frederick, you may want to watch the classic movie "Porkies" and start the drawing with a likeness of Porkie himself. Uncanny resemblance to Feedsack!

What to draw for Judy Olson DoLittle? Start with Jaba the Hut.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see what the feedsack talks about. Apparently the other legislators called Fredericks a feedsack back in the day. That is about all he is good for.

Lets see what less than negligible comments he pulls out of his sack- I mean brain.
PP said…
Actually, I might scrap that one in favor of an animated debate between Kate Looby and Leslee Unruh.

It has much more parody potential.
Anonymous said… win PP. messiest desk in the world.

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